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Dragon Age: Origins 645193 Dragon Age: Origins How do you gain the achievement were you side with the werewolves? No matter what line of conversation I choose I never seem to be able to obtain this out come and always end up were Zathrian see's sense and releases the curse. Does anyone know the right way? Regards. Answers: 5
Dragon Age: Origins 610238 Dragon Age: Origins Is anyone having serious issues with the sound in this game, particularly cut scenes with the voice's of NPC's, I have had to turn subtitles on! Or is it just my xbox being rubbish again! ( is there anyway to resolve the issue?) Regards........... The Judge. Answers: 3
Fallout 3 407303 Fallout 3 Apparantly you can get a key from 3dog that opens a secret store, I know where the store is however I cant prompt 3dog to give me this key? does anyone know how this is done? Im playing as a good guy also. Judge. Answers: 4
Dead Space 387347 Dead Space I've compleated this game 3 times now, including impossible mode with just the plasma cutter. (No easy task!) However The only achievement escaping me is the "dont get cocky kid" where you have to blow up the asteroids manually with the cannons and keep hull integrity to 50% or more. Anyone got anytips on how to do this as its driving me mad? Answers: 2
Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, The 296951 Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, The Can anyone tell me wher the best shopkeeper is to offer the most gold for your items? The majority I found will only offer a max of betewwn 800-1200 credits. However I remember in the morrowind xbox game there was a scamp guy or sumthin which offerd much more coinage and also a mad mud crab which offed silly money for youe items! Does anything like this exsist in this version! Regards ,,,, The judge Answers: 1
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Grand Theft Auto IV GTA IV ACHIEVEMENTS GUIDE 33197   Score: 4-0 | Votes: 73  | Downloads: 33197

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