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Harvest Moon: Wonderful Life Comments & Reviews
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Harvest Moon: Wonderful Life GC Comments & Reviews

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Harvest Moon: Wonderful Life GC comments

Below you will find comments and reviews for Harvest Moon: Wonderful Life. Please give us your thought on Harvest Moon: Wonderful Life. This may help visitors decide to buy Harvest Moon: Wonderful Life or not.
Harvest Moon: Wonderful Life
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Wonderful life
Game Score: 3-0 (3/5)
Your father and his friend, Takakura find an abandoned farm in Forget-Me-Not-Valley. They fix it up a bit, and promises that when the baby is born, the farm will be given to him. Your father dies. Finally, you are born, a cute lil baby boy. When Takakura is certain that you are old enough, and you are responsible enough- he takes you to Forget-Me-Not-Valley, where he gives you a tour of the farm and the village before going back to his own home at the farm.There are crops to tend, animals to care for, women to marry, and kids to raise.....what sort of life will you live?
By: Horselvr565(327)
Rating: 56%
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