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PlanetSide Comments & Reviews
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PlanetSide PC Comments & Reviews

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PlanetSide PC comments

Below you will find comments and reviews for PlanetSide. Please give us your thought on PlanetSide. This may help visitors decide to buy PlanetSide or not.
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Once a great game
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Game Score: 2-0 (2/5)
This was a great game when it came out however most got burned out on what was basically the same layout to fight over every battle. Base,bridge,tower.

What did it for me in the end is when the game started destroying the most important thing in a fps, balance. Adding the bfr was definitely a mistake, then hackers infested the game and finally the stupidest idea ive ever seen implemented in a game black ops. Did soe really need to add one more day of fighting an uphill battle against a hacked player in a game that was already losing people because of it? Wonder if they will even have one server left if I ever check back on game status.

Just too many other games out there offering the same experience for free without the monthly fee.
By: Unregistered
Rating: 41%
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