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Indiana Jones And The Emperor's Tomb Comments & Reviews
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Indiana Jones And The Emperor's Tomb
PS2 Comments & Reviews

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Indiana Jones And The Emperor's Tomb PS2 comments

Below you will find comments and reviews for Indiana Jones And The Emperor's Tomb. Please give us your thought on Indiana Jones And The Emperor's Tomb. This may help visitors decide to buy Indiana Jones And The Emperor's Tomb or not.
Indiana Jones And The Emperor's Tomb
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Indiana Jones And The Emperor's Tomb Reviews,Comments, Pros & Cons, Rating

Indiana jones and the emperor's tomb is awsome
Game Score: 5-0 (5/5)
This game is awsome I have had lots of fun with it and I like challengeing games.
By: cheatmaster 14(2065)
Rating: 48%
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Indiana Jones and the Emperors Tomb
Game Score: 5-0 (5/5)
I really enjoyed playing this game. It was quite a challenge.
By: maths(567)
Rating: 47%
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"Dr Jones! Calling Dr Jones!"
Game Score: 3-0 (3/5)
Indiana Jones and The
Emperors Tomb.
I have watched (and
enjoyed) all three
Indiana Jones films so
when this game came
out I went straight to
buy it. This was released
about the right time in
my opinion. No really big
rivals on the Ps2 for it to
compete with. The
timing however has
NOTHING to do with how
good this game is.
What is it about?
Indiana is once again
back in action fighting
hunters, beasts and (you
guessed it) Nazis. This
time around he is sent to
find an item in Ceylon. Dr
Jones is here confronted
with tricky puzzles,
ancient ruins and (of
course) bad guys. He
travels through the ruins
until he completes his
Upon returning to the
school he is confronted
by two people, a man
and a woman (who Indy
takes a shine to). They
reveal the true power of
what Indy found and due
to this he is sent on a
worldwide mission to
stop the Nazis before
they find the hidden
tomb of the 1st Chinese
You can immediately tell
the graphics have been
Ď dumbedí down for the
Ps2 version. This however
doesn ít really make
much of a difference
except for the odd glitch
here or there. The
biggest problem I
encountered was when a
part of the screen went
black and then
reappeared. Since then I
have had no problems.
The graphics do look
good. The plants in the
jungle are well done, the
architecture looks good
and the only real fault is
on the characters, but
the ones we see in games
will not look human for a
long while yet (although
some games have come
Rating: 8
The sound in this game is
great, although it does
remind me of Tomb
Raider: The Angel Of
Darkness. Even the
classic Indiana Jones
jingle is included and the
sound really helps you
get into the game.
The voicing is good and
although not done by
Harrison Ford it is a very
good likeness.
Rating: 10
The controls are fairly
good. They are also easy
to remember. X is the
standard attack button,
[] is the hard attack
button, O is jump, /
(triangle) is action. L2 is
draw weapon and these
can be changed by
pressing left or right on
the D-Pad and then up to
select. L1 centres the
view but with a weapon
drawn it is first person
fire and whilst running
you can also perform a
roll. R1 puts you in guard
mode until its released
and R2 reloads your
selected gun. The right
analogue stick changes
the view and the left one
moves it.
Rating: 9
Game Play:
The gameplay is great.
Many items from the film
are incorporated into the
game play, such as Indy ís
trusty whip. He can use
this to either keep
enemies at bay or just
swing across large gaps.
The guns are also good
fun to use, especially
when attacking
unknowing enemies. The
only complaint about
them that I have is their
inability to kill (it usually
takes 4 pistol shots to
Movement is very good
and Indy can perform a
variety of moves such as
rolling, pistol whips,
punches, kicks, head
butts, jumps and many
more. There are also nice
little ideas incorporated
into the game such as
the ability to be shot on
ropes and the guard ís
ability to use a lot of
Indy ís moves too.
There are also some
little aspects put in for
fun, such as the ability to
pick up Indy ís hat when it
is knocked of, or the
ability to kill guards by
knocking them off
buildings. You can also
find improvised weapons
such as table legs and
chairs to help you
against the bad guys.
The story in itself is
classic Indiana Jones too,
lost artifacts, temples
and bad guys with one
big baddie. It almost
feels like a film.
Rating: 9
Other info:
Replay Ė It does have
some value. You can
replay to find all of the
lost artifacts and the
different difficulty modes
can present a challenge.
Playtime Ė You could in
theory complete the
game in a short time, but
then I would call you
crazy. This is a good
game and to appreciate
it you must take your
time on it.
Rating: 8
Recommendation: I
enjoyed this game a lot.
If you enjoyed any of the
Tomb Raider games this
is a must buy, if you have
not played many action/
adventure games before
I would still tell you to
buy the game. I
recommend you buy it.
Indiana Jones crosses the
border and does very
well in this territory. The
game is very good and
any Indy fan will enjoy it.
I would however stress to
those new to this sort of
game, or who have been
wary to try before you
buy. This is an excellent
game but will not appeal
to everyone.
Overall Rating: 9/10
By: godrayblade(498)
Rating: 43%
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