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The Sims 2 Comments & Reviews
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The Sims 2 Xbox Comments & Reviews

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The Sims 2 Xbox comments

Below you will find comments and reviews for The Sims 2. Please give us your thought on The Sims 2. This may help visitors decide to buy The Sims 2 or not.
The Sims 2
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The Sims 2 Reviews,Comments, Pros & Cons, Rating

The sim life stories is to rare to buy i cant find a ebgames that sells it
Game Score: 5-0 (5/5)
Its an cool,fun game
By: Reece010(16)
Rating: 43%
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Game Score: 3-0 (3/5)
It should be easier for us sim lovers to get acces to this games most of them you can only download for pc some are for x box live I have x box 360 I dont see any sim games like apartment life 2 for x box 360 and here were I leave if I go to a video store I wont see them sale sim games not even for x box live or playstation or other I cant order online cause I have no credit card dont like pc games cause I get virus but I desperately want to play this game my friend got one as a gift 2 years ago but it broke I tried it once I was hooked but I never saw them saling this in any store what should I do?
By: Unregistered
Rating: 39%
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