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Viva Pinata Comments & Reviews
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Viva Pinata XBOX 360 Comments & Reviews

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Viva Pinata XBOX 360 comments

Below you will find comments and reviews for Viva Pinata. Please give us your thought on Viva Pinata. This may help visitors decide to buy Viva Pinata or not.
Viva Pinata
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Game Score: 5-0 (5/5)
I think viva pinata was a very unique game. It's fun to play and the pinatas are fun to collect and take care of. What I like about it most is going shopping and romancing. It is really an extraordinary game and I thank those who made it happen because you are truly brilliant. Trust me, you'll enjoy it.
By: Elaina667(35)
Rating: 62%
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Game Score: 5-0 (5/5)
A gummybear is created by cross romancing a shellybean and a fizzlybear
By: Unregistered
Rating: 36%
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Game Score: 3-0 (3/5)
Get 2 diggerling's a mine and a helper home.
everyday direct your diggerlin's to the mine.
and soon there will be a dragonache egg will be next to the mine.
buy a cluckle's and direct it to the egg. the cluckle's will jump 2 or 3 times and the egg will hatch and the dragonache will be all your's name and take care of it!
By: vivapinata550(55)
Rating: 35%
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Cute game
Game Score: 5-0 (5/5)
All gamers love cute and sweet animals but these are pinata animals, this game is the most coolest game I ever played... take care of your own garden, animals and you even get to build homes for the animals and feed them, some of the things about this game that was so confusing was when you try to feed your animals something they don't eat it or if you try to make them fall in love with each, they ignore each other... but I still love this game!
By: Xgamesquadgirl1(4901)
Rating: 33%
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Viva pinata
Game Score: 5-0 (5/5)
Viva pinata is a very adividicting game and very fun it will take years to do every thing
By: slyguy(607)
Rating: 31%
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This game is Awesome!!!!
Game Score: 5-0 (5/5)
This game is really fun! It gives me something to do when I'm bored. I really want to get the other ones ( Viva Pinata: Pocket Paradise DS, Viva Pinata: Troble in Paradise Xbox 360, and Viva Pinata: Party Animals Xbox 360!)
By: Rikudude(250)
Rating: 30%
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