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Mount&Blade Comments & Reviews
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Mount&Blade PC Comments & Reviews

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Mount&Blade Comments & Reviews

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Mount&Blade PC comments

Below you will find comments and reviews for Mount&Blade. Please give us your thought on Mount&Blade. This may help visitors decide to buy Mount&Blade or not.
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Mount and blade review
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Game Score: 5-0 (5/5)
Your in A LAND on a brake of war you can be a merrices that terrize the villages and lords or you can be a lord of one of 5 fractions, Roodoks, Vagiers, Swadian, Kerjirt tribe, and the nords. You can own villages,catsle and even citys it your adventure and you can build it. You can mangage your citys castles and villges to build improvments to gain more porpaltity with your people so they can be more prected and evefient. You collect taxes from your castles, villgeas and citeis. You can build massive armys for you fraction and take prinsioners and radsome lords. You can make you guy or girl the utilmate warrior of docter, adventer, And acher to be the most skilled in all Caldraia, Its your choice Will you demterimen you fate. I perosnly love this game I own 1 city 4 catsle, 6 village and I emilated two fraction for the vagiers. Roodoks and swadian. I have or 5000 troops in my castles and citys. MY village and civiallinos love me. The king of vagiers is my friend and I only got 4 emenmys and I got the best amour and wepons. Im leve 58. I can have 156 troops in my party. And I got 600000 delires in my pocket. I got 1500 rewon and 100 honur. you really should try this game I give this game thums up. I got it on steam which is a online usa site which cost 19.99usd pretty cheap but it has qualtiily and it is a fun game. try it if I were you you would have a blast.
By: Unregistered
Rating: 64%
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