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The Orange Box Comments & Reviews
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The Orange Box PS3 Comments & Reviews

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The Orange Box PS3 comments

Below you will find comments and reviews for The Orange Box. Please give us your thought on The Orange Box. This may help visitors decide to buy The Orange Box or not.
The Orange Box
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A Milestone In Gaming History!
Game Score: 4-0 (4/5)
MADE BY LordDominico

Well, firstly, this game has had 40 (yes 40) game of the year (GOTY) awards. Obviously more than one a year. Now, some people may think this game is a load of dog crap because of the included games age, for example Half Life 2 being quite a few years old people would think 'It has dramatically decreased the PS3's reputation' - as someone has mentioned. Turns out he never played it. Once you play this brilliant game, you start to get why older games actually turn out quite good. Now for the actual game: graphics, gameplay etc. 1. Graphics/Detail... With HL2 and Team Fortress 2 being not-new games, you would expect the graphics to be quite depressing. Infact, given credit to the PS3's detail upscaler, the graphics are perfect for a FPS addict's expectations. Yes, many games have better graphics, but you gotta agree that once you play this pack of games, it has some pretty good decent visuals for how old the games are. If you play Half Life 2 first or whenever, notice the textures etc are quite smooth? Valve's programmers have even put some cheats in to HL2. One of them which makes some lines smoother, however this can decrease framerate. 2. Gameplay/Storyline...HL2's gameplay is extravagant. I mean, the controls are like CoD4 etc, just a few changes to the layout. One of the minor blows for the most guns in HL2, is that they do have sights like the SMG BUT you cannot look in them. I am close to finishing Highway 17 (close to finishing 8/3/09) and the ONLY gun I have with a use-able sight is the crossbow's sniper scope. There are a different types of vehicles in the game including the Air Boat, this makes the game about 5% more realistic. In my opinion, (knowing that you have to find out where to go to, however long it'll take, for example, find a simple switch to open a flood gate to proceed in the level/chapter)-(which could be ages away), this game is a mix between FPS/Adventure/Strategy. The two main genres are FPS and Strategy. Team Fortress 2 may only have online play, but that doesn't mean you can't have fun. As well as slightly amusing -), it has some pretty desirable classes like the Heavy Gunner and the Pyro's flamethrower. The only thing I think they could improve on TF2 is the classes, I thought (before I bought the O Box)the classes were fully customisable. It's not major but it could bring the game 1 step closer to more players and more things to do in the game. Last but not least in the Gameplay section is Portal. Once you have got going on this O Box game, you might realise there is an online flash version. YES THERE IS. But the internet version is 3rd person and much more boring. On this one it's first person and it's addictive once you get the portal gun doo-daa! Yeah, you might play a few chambers and get bored, but that doesn't stop endless useage of the portal gun on random places, even ceilings! The only game in the O Box with a proper storyline is Half Life 2, EP1 and EP2. So you start off as a normal guy on a train going to some building. Then you visit a secret flat where almost all people like you are hiding from the Combine (the policemen with the weird white masks), soon in the game the location of the flat is compromised and everyone is evactuated. This gets you started on a Mirrors Edge-like enviroment putting you on the roof of a building, you have to run and jump like hell until you reach another room farther on. When you reach the room, there's some stairs into a lower area. suddenly, the stairs break! now a door with about 2 or 3 Combine Guys (CGs for now) enter! Nows my chance to leave. You gotta be kidding me?! Another door slams open with more CGs. GIVE UP! Wait, who is that woman? A stranger woman appears in front on you telling you to RUN AND RUN AND RUN AND RUN AND RUN AND yeh you get it! Once you lose the CGs, you follow the Woman into a room with a drinks machine. She says 'I'll buy you a drink'. What the? YOU BOUGHT ME HERE TO BUY ME A DRINK? Bloody hell. But wait? She's pressing more than one drinks button. Ooo sexy, the front of the machine opens leaving a passage to a lab which starts the next chapter in HL2. Here, you get your cool suit. Then we get set for the woman to teleport using a cool machine. Ah crap, the plugs come out...put back in. Now the switch ain't on to complete the final process. DONE! Bye bye! I wonna go. They tell you to go in FOR THE SAME REASON. Suddenly, the machine (what a surprise, it malefunctions ON YOU like in all games like this -_-) malefunctions and you get teleported everywhere, then finally outside the lab. This starts your journey through the hazardous wastes and gigantic world. So, overall, the storyline is long BUT it is fun, and there is many enemies and creatures to come face 2 face with (not literally, don't wonna get your head blown off!). As you progress through the game, you locate and keep many different weapons including the pulse rifle, crossbow and rocket launcher! SIK! There's section 2 covered.

I'm not an expert review writer, this is just what I think.
By: Unregistered
Rating: 54%
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