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Godzilla: Unleashed Comments & Reviews
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Godzilla: Unleashed PS2 Comments & Reviews

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Godzilla: Unleashed PS2 comments

Below you will find comments and reviews for Godzilla: Unleashed. Please give us your thought on Godzilla: Unleashed. This may help visitors decide to buy Godzilla: Unleashed or not.
Godzilla: Unleashed
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Godzilla: Unleashed Reviews,Comments, Pros & Cons, Rating

Game Score: 5-0 (5/5)
Ahhh. old fasioned rumble.
By: spideyfan51(719)
Rating: 60%
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Worse game ever!!!!
Game Score: 0-0 (0/5)
I thought the ps2 version had the same monster line up like the wii version. but i was wrong about that if i new this i would not have bout the game it is a waste of time to play because you will only get 20 characters instead of the 26 that the wii version has. the last godzilla game save the earth is alot beter than godzilla uleshed for ps2 so go back and play it instead. i think sony should buy back all copys of godzilla uleashed from the gamers and die hard godzilla fans for decsiving us with this game and fire who made the ps2 version. i guess i will have to go out and buy a wii to play the good version of this game sony you have let me down on this game and i will never forget that so you better fix this excuse of a game!
By: Unregistered
Rating: 55%
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