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NASCAR 09 Comments & Reviews
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NASCAR 09 PS2 Comments & Reviews

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NASCAR 09 PS2 comments

Below you will find comments and reviews for NASCAR 09. Please give us your thought on NASCAR 09. This may help visitors decide to buy NASCAR 09 or not.
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"Game" or "Sim"? You decide...
Game Score: 5-0 (5/5)
I have to say this from the outset: If you are looking for a game with a 'FASTLANE' to a highscore and the finish - this is not the one! It really is a very well turned out simulation of NASCAR racing, although it could do without all the E-MAIL's from good ol' Jeffy-poo...

If I wanted to answer e-mail I'd go online and undo my spam-blocker!

This game right here is a fantastic racing sim though - IF AND ONLY IF you are a real hard core racing fan, and I'm talking about long races with a lot of technical driving savvy. The family play option is very helpful, because if you go with PRO PLAY in an undeveloped car, you're going to get into hot water so fast it isn't funny! And as we all know, "Winning isn't everything - but LOSING SUCKS!"

Many have commented elsewhere that "Real race cars don't slide all over the track", but I've got new for ya: Oh yeah they do, especially if they are bone stock/uncustomised. Tires make a difference, suspension makes a difference, horsepower makes a difference, RELIABILITY makes a big difference. You can get into it just as deeply as you want to in this game, or stick with Family Play and see how many tracks you can run!

The diversity of the tracks is another challenge. Watkins Glen is a carnival of errors for anyone on it the first time at any play level. On many of the tracks the only way to get in front is to extend the number of laps until you have enough time to get out there and STAY there one way or another. So far I have not had to go so far as to do a 100% race length. About a hundred laps is the longest I've run one out to - and that is a very long time on some of them to be glued to a controller...

My father would have loved this game, he was also big into racing. He would have been cursing the twitchiness of the controller though *grin*

I like it because it's the closest you can come to the real deal for less than fifty bucks! (AND you can go racing anytime you want)
By: GreywolfHunting(151)
Rating: 64%
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No ea code/my review of nascar 09 (ps2)
Game Score: 5-0 (5/5)
For all those cheat code searchers, no ea sports code this year! you have to unlock the fantisy drivers in order to unlock the 2 ea cars...yes i said 2 cars...speedway blvd.... unlocks daytona infeild....and d. infeild unlocks fantsay(i don't care if its misspelled) drivers!

whoa nelly! did ea make a big improvement, or did they make a big improvment?! you get choose between family and pro play, more relistic damage, and one of my favorites, cot (car of torrmorow)custom cars! so if anyone -even x-box 360 owners (who said nascar 08 for ps2 was waaaaay more suckish than for x-box 360...but it was really the other way around xd) say this game sucks, then they don't know good game if it kicked their butt, stole there car, and stole their favorite snack. my advice: go out and buy yourself a nascar 09 a.s.a.p! (as soon as possible)don't rate this game zero! i rated it excellent (5) on this, but i'd really rate this 43,123,456,789,987,654,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,987,003 out of 5 (i think i just broke 1,000 scales! lol! xd) best ea sports game ever!... ...
. .
.. ..
. .
. far! xd
By: Unregistered
Rating: 53%
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