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DropCast Comments & Reviews
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DropCast NDS Comments & Reviews

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DropCast Comments & Reviews

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DropCast NDS comments

Below you will find comments and reviews for DropCast. Please give us your thought on DropCast. This may help visitors decide to buy DropCast or not.
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Addictive but Repetitive
Game Score: 3-0 (3/5)
Dropcast is similar to many of the block/bubble type games available. Multi-colored blocks appear in rows from the bottom of the screen. This game is completely stylus-controlled and tapping on any two connecting blocks of the same color removes them. Groups of six or more blocks send some form of "penalty" blocks to the other screen. In individual play, it builds a separate pile that you must strategically keep from hitting the top of the screen. In story mode, it sends penalties to a character (that is simultaneously sending penalties to you). The variations on this game are minimal, but it is addictive. Requires the ability to visually assess and plan quickly as well as multitask as you need to pay attention to very similar yet separate things going on between the two screens. The characters' comments are quirky but can be skipped through quickly if you're not interested in reading them. Great addictive game that keeps you on the tip of your...stylus. Little variation in the game, so a "3" rating for that reason.
By: saharantea(404)
Rating: 37%
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