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Rise of the Argonauts Comments & Reviews
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Rise of the Argonauts PC Comments & Reviews

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Rise of the Argonauts PC comments

Below you will find comments and reviews for Rise of the Argonauts. Please give us your thought on Rise of the Argonauts. This may help visitors decide to buy Rise of the Argonauts or not.
Rise of the Argonauts
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Camera mess up's
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Why would you keep changing the camera angles at bosses? during most of the normal mundane creatures fights you can turn the screen and run in with Jason but when you really need to be able to fight up close it changes into an out of date platform game, I have had better camera control on free online mmo's yes that's right I said FREE.
I was in love with the game till I got to the section with the Medusa, once you lock out one of the dragon heads it comes up in the middle of the screen and blocks your view of the top half of the screen and it makes controlling Jason a right pain and the worst thing is once you have all the dragons locked out you have to do it all over again (what a load of tripe)
By: Unregistered
Rating: 55%
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