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Hell's Kitchen Comments & Reviews
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Hell's Kitchen NDS Comments & Reviews

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Hell's Kitchen NDS comments

Below you will find comments and reviews for Hell's Kitchen. Please give us your thought on Hell's Kitchen. This may help visitors decide to buy Hell's Kitchen or not.
Hell's Kitchen
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Hell's kitchen DS compared to P.C version: P.C winner HANDS DOWN!
Game Score: 2-0 (2/5)
P.C version is amazing. The ds version is a huge let down.So if you own both a P.C and DS, don't waste time with the INFERIOR ds version. It's like some short cuts were taken. **For the record, I only bought the DS version because I loved the p.c one I bought. Waste og $59
(1)Ds version starts with only one table and other tables are added when needed. P.C has all tables, but are "lit" when they become in use. P.C looks more authentic. I'm yet to see a restaurant with only one table
(2) When a meal has ended and plates need to be collected, ds has a cheezy faint sound sound letting you know that soon they will need collecting. P.c version candles light up and you know the exact moment when they need to be cleaned.
(3)When a meal is cooked in p.c a clear, distict timer sounds when meal is cooked (like a clock on count-down), DS version has no audible alert, just some cheesy fire image on pan.
(4) The biggest and most important difference to me is the career mode on DS. P.C is much more comprehensive as it uses the ovens. The DS does NOT use ovens like p.c version. It seems that oven use is more for arcade mode.
(5)Tips on p.c version are accurate and hint how to get a persfect score. I have scored 175/175 many times over on p.c. Ds version tips are useless and don't correlate that well. They look "helpful" but it seems just for show.
(6) On both versions, the 3D image of Gordon Ramsay and his "sayings" are fantastic. It's just a shame theya re censored.
VERDICT: Buy the p.c version. I can't stress that enough. Although it has almost an identical look (p.c has more details, (EG chandeliers/lights), the the quality is different between the two. if I had played the DS version first, there is no way in hell (excuse the pun) I would have bothered with another version. Don't sell yourself short with the DS version when the p.c version is the bobby dazzler: You''ll rob yourself of some fun.
By: Unregistered
Rating: 48%
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