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Disney Fairies: Tinker Bell Comments & Reviews
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Disney Fairies: Tinker Bell NDS Comments & Reviews

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Disney Fairies: Tinker Bell NDS comments

Below you will find comments and reviews for Disney Fairies: Tinker Bell. Please give us your thought on Disney Fairies: Tinker Bell. This may help visitors decide to buy Disney Fairies: Tinker Bell or not.
Disney Fairies: Tinker Bell
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Live the life of Tinkerbell
Game Score: 4-0 (4/5)
This isnt a goal-oriented game you are living Tinkerbells fairy life. She has important responsibilities such as helping change the season, fixing her friends pots and items, and helping out finding missing insects. There are five minigames involving painting ladybugs, catching dewdrops, spinning silk from silkworms, gathering jewels in the caves, and racing another fairy. She can make accessories for her fairy friends who reward her with fairy medals she can spend in the shop. She also makes her own clothes and gathers a quite impressive wardrobe. There are even fairies that tell stories and poems.
Each of the minigames are fun though not difficult, as to be expected for the age range. The more she interacts with the other fairies, playing them and doing tasks, the more hearts they gain on their 'friendship meter' which, when sufficuently full, reward her with a 'spell', a code to get a present from the magic book.
Overall there are a large amount of varying activitys to keep a child happy - although the large amount of screens may make navigation difficult for a very young child. Perfect for the imaginative pre-teen.
By: harleyfox(326)
Rating: 85%
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DIsney Fairies: Tinker Bell on Nintendo DS
Game Score: 4-0 (4/5)
Tinker Bell is a freehand game where you live as Tinker Bell, making friends, improving friendships, designing outfits, painting ladybugs, shopping for items and clothes, catching dewdrops, going jewel-hunting, spinning silkworm threads, flying races, tinkering and repairing items, creating and selling clothes and accessories, earning Fairy Medals, playing roulette, and most important of all, preparing the seasons of Pixie Hollow. If you aren't the biggest fan of competitive gaming, you should try out Tinker Bell - and watch the movie too!
By: dewberrysummer(184)
Rating: 77%
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Game Score: 5-0 (5/5)
I absolutely love this game I cant get enough of it honestly I just like the whole part of finding everything, making the jewelry, changin the seasons, lol everything!
By: Unregistered
Rating: 59%
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