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Dreamer: Babysitter Comments & Reviews
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Dreamer: Babysitter NDS Comments & Reviews

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Dreamer: Babysitter NDS comments

Below you will find comments and reviews for Dreamer: Babysitter. Please give us your thought on Dreamer: Babysitter. This may help visitors decide to buy Dreamer: Babysitter or not.
Dreamer: Babysitter
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Dreamer Series: Babysitter - DS This game absolutely sucks!
Game Score: 0-0 (0/5)
Hello I'm an autistic adult gamer and this is my review of Dreamer: Babysitter for Nintendo DS.

I'm a big fan of the baby game's I have:

My Baby Boy
My Baby Girl
Baby Pals
Shrek: Ogres and Dronkey's
Yoshi Touch and Go
Yoshi's Island
Imagine: Baby Club
Baby Life
Imagine: Babyz

and Dreamer Series: Babysitter this game is an insult to all baby DS game's I'm absolutely insulted and furious that they would even make a baby game like this at all. The whole game is mini game's there is no actual story line or anything at all just all and all plain out mini game's. I will never buy anything from the Dreamer Series again!

Who ever you are do not buy this baby game it will be the biggest waste of money you have ever spent on any baby DS game.

This game is awful, horrible, and graphic's are shotty.
By: ymmas626(1149)
Rating: 64%
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