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Crash of the Titans Comments & Reviews
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Crash of the Titans WII Comments & Reviews

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Crash of the Titans WII comments

Below you will find comments and reviews for Crash of the Titans. Please give us your thought on Crash of the Titans. This may help visitors decide to buy Crash of the Titans or not.
Crash of the Titans
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Crash of the Titans Reviews,Comments, Pros & Cons, Rating

Excellent just like other Crash Games
Game Score: 5-0 (5/5)
It won't get you of , its that good . Ride other beasts and defeat small minions and bosses along the way of the different places.
By: Toms167(342)
Rating: 50%
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Crash of the titans
Game Score: 5-0 (5/5)
Crash has been through so much through so many years. and now he has some awesome tattoes and hes ready to fight with his fists
Crash of the titans is all about collecting magical mojo to help upgrade crashes abilities to defeat neo cortex which is what normally happens in all crash games except for the mojo part.
Neo cortex has also kidnapped coco bandicoot and frozen crunch bandicoot so it is up to crash and uka uka to save coco and unfreeze crunch
Does mr t play crunch because he talks alot like him

Crash of the titans is a great platforming game for crash and I do reccomend buying it
By: freerunner81(382)
Rating: 47%
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