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TinierMe Comments & Reviews
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TinierMe PC Comments & Reviews

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TinierMe PC comments

Below you will find comments and reviews for TinierMe. Please give us your thought on TinierMe. This may help visitors decide to buy TinierMe or not.
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TinierMe Introduction
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Game Score: 3-0 (3/5)
Genre: Social
Rating: 13+
Status: Open Beta
Purchase: Only for in-game coins - not required but maximises gameplay
Pop-ups and Ads: Pop-ups are game only - no threat, no advertisements

TinierMe is a web browser based game - no download or purchase required.*

TinierMe is the English version of the Japanese Selfy. The English TinierMe is trying to catch up with its original by opening new games, gachas, items, and features every week.

Members are able to customize their own "Selfy" that can be used to walk around, talk, play games, and make friends. There are many free items that can be purchased with in-game money called Chibi Coins which can be earned in many different ways.

*Purchase: G-coins are consisted of real money converted into non-refundable game money which are used to purchase certain items from the shops and the gachas. G-Coin items are extremely hard to come by and are coveted by members. G-coins ARE available for free.

First joinging:
When you join TinierMe for the first time you are given 300cc to spend on any clothing you may need in the Selfy Shop which is located on the very top of the site. You are given a fishing rod and some bait for fishing in the rivers and ponds in Selfy Town.

Earning Chibi Coins:
This seems to be the question on everyone's minds when they first join. Here is an exerpt from the site on how to earn coins:

1) First account registration - 300 Chibi Coins
2) Logging in to TinierMe - 5 Chibi Coins (Once per day)
3) Writing a Diary Entry - 5 Chibi Coins (Once per day)
4) Visiting and entering a friend's Room - 2 Chibi Coins (Max 30 times per day)
5) Writing a comment on a friend's Diary - 2 Chibi Coins (Max 30 times per day)
6) Writing a comment on a non-friend's Diary - 1 Chibi Coin (Max 30 times per day)
7) Leaving a Guestbook comment - 1 Chibi Coin (Max 30 times per day)
8) Participating in an online poll - 20 Chibi Coins (Once per poll)
9) Receiving Chibi Coins from users - 1 Chibi Coin (Max 10 per day)
10) Inviting friends to TinierMe via the Friend Referral system - 200 Chibi Coins per friend (50 friends per month limit)

Popularity is key!
Depending on how many friends you have you'll recieve a bonus every day for entering Selfy Town. (Again, from the website):

Entering SELFY TOWN = 5 Chibi Coins
Friend Bonus (Under 5 friends) = 0 Chibi Coins
Friend Bonus (5 to 9 friends) = 5 Chibi Coins
Friend Bonus (10 to 19 friends) = 10 Chibi Coins
Friend Bonus (20 to 29 friends) = 20 Chibi Coins
Friend Bonus (30 to 49 friends) = 30 Chibi Coins
Friend Bonus (50 to 99 friends) = 50 Chibi Coins
Friend Bonus (Over 100 friends) = 100 Chibi Coins

*100 is the maximum for the coin bonus even if you have 300+

Every day there are tons of events that go on in TinierMe. There are Ring Events, Gachas, Campaigns, etc. The list goes on.

You can earn Chibi Coins, Exclusive Items*, Promotions, etc.

A note to people who like good items *Keep your exclusive items from events. They will get rare! People will want them for trades!

What is a Gacha?
A gacha is similar to those toy machines you see in stores where you turn a nob after inserting money to get a random item. TinierMe uses a popular item from Japan and incorperates it in the site. There are three gachas for every category:

Chibi-Coin Gacha - 80cc per item
G-Coin Gacha (Female) - 50gc per item
G-Coin Gacha (Male) - 50gc per item

Why the difference?
The CC items are less popular and free. They usually are the worst-looking.

The GC items have animated items incorperated and are extremely hard to get. The GC items are sometimes used in item conversion for other items.

G-Coins have not been arond forever!
In the beginning, there were no GC in TinerMe. When they added them people got furious and started writing petitions to tell the staff to get rid of them. BUT TinierMe needed to get paid somehow to keep the site running without the use of ads. So it was either Pay-to-Play or ads.

Common question: Is it like Gaia Online?
Similar, yes, but there are many aspects that have greatly surpassed Gaia.

-Better cloting
-Better site organization
-Flash rather than Pixels
-Better Town Areas
-Better social networks

However, like Gaia, scammers and flamers are breeding in TinierMe. More on that later.

If you have any questions or concerns about TinierMe that I didn't cover in this introduction, contact me:

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