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BoneTown Comments & Reviews
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BoneTown PC Comments & Reviews

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BoneTown PC comments

Below you will find comments and reviews for BoneTown. Please give us your thought on BoneTown. This may help visitors decide to buy BoneTown or not.
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Arousing and intriguing...for a sixth grader
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Game Score: 0-0 (0/5)
Unwieldy and unresponsive controls and movement, antagonists that land eight to ten hits on you while you're unable to block or counterattack, unimaginative scenarios and childish humor, all this combines to produce a game that is equivalent to looking at porno cartoons scavenged from an older brother's 1970s era Playboy collection. Add to that the game's tendency to hang indefinitely while trying to load different scenes and you have one of the worst excuses for wasting space on your hard drive. Play it on a friend's machine. Don't buy it for yourself.
By: Unregistered
Rating: 68%
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