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Madden NFL 11 Comments & Reviews
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Madden NFL 11 PS3 Comments & Reviews

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Madden NFL 11 PS3 comments

Below you will find comments and reviews for Madden NFL 11. Please give us your thought on Madden NFL 11. This may help visitors decide to buy Madden NFL 11 or not.
Madden NFL 11
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Madden NFL 11 Reviews,Comments, Pros & Cons, Rating

NFL 11
Game Score: 5-0 (5/5)
Amazing graphics and awsome gameplay
By: Unregistered
Rating: 59%
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Madden 11
Game Score: 3-0 (3/5)
I like the game its the best
By: mrwright4426(16)
Rating: 58%
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Madden nfl 11
Game Score: 4-0 (4/5)
Well football season is here and we all know what that means! A new madden is set to hit the shelves. will this years madden be the best one up to date? well lets talk madden!

Ok starting off many believe that the first madden hit the market years ago and every year the making the same game over and over and improving the graphics every year! well this year we got a very smooth and improved prezentation but thats about it! Some of the glitches from madden 10 are patched but we hardly have any new modes!

Online has been inproved so much since last year and this year you get the online franchise for free where you can take 31 of your freinds and play a full franchise with them. This mode should have been in every other madden though

The single player hasnt changed that much either the franchise and create a player modes are pretty much the same as they always have been!

There are some really rockin super bowl celebrations though and these include bieng showered in confetti and seeing the presedient obama bieng awarded your teams jersey

Dont expect anything new this year its still madden and there could have been many inprovements but ovverall this is the best madden to date graphic wise
By: freerunner81(382)
Rating: 37%
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