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FIFA Soccer 11 Comments & Reviews
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FIFA Soccer 11 WII Comments & Reviews

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FIFA Soccer 11 WII comments

Below you will find comments and reviews for FIFA Soccer 11. Please give us your thought on FIFA Soccer 11. This may help visitors decide to buy FIFA Soccer 11 or not.
FIFA Soccer 11
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FIFA Soccer 11 Reviews,Comments, Pros & Cons, Rating

Fifa 11 Wii
Game Score: 2-0 (2/5)
Fifa 11. What can I say. A prolific game in the history of games consoles, and of football. Fifa has been the top dog of all the hopeless other football games, but this year has had close competition with PES and Real Football. The Fifa game for PS3 and X Box has been a hit with everyone, with mind blowing graphics and awesome game play features such as never before used tricks, or even more realistic manager modes, and all new Be a Pro modes. But Fifa on Wii has been very far from that. Unrealistic managerial modes mean users, or managers, have to use 'stars' and 'points' to buy players. A good feature is that Fifa 11 Wii online has hardly any lagging, which as a gamer myself is excellent. But crashing back down with negatives, the graphics of Fifa 11 aren't even at the Fifa 2007 for Play station 2. The players heads are more like little squares, with the edges filed off. But new shot control means that not every shot is on target and that you can decide the power bar, unlike previous Fifa's where you have just been able to shake the Wii remote to shoot, on target and with almost perfect power. The Wii has still yet to grasp other tricks, except for the rainbow, and 360 turn. Goalkeepers on the Wii can be described in one word: Retarded. They come out when not necessary, and when saved the ball they just stand there watching the ball roll slowly across the line or the other teams striker race towards the ball to score an open goal. Also the new Fifa has many glitches, such as no handballs whatsoever. When I was Real Madrid, the ball clearly struck Pepe's arm, and if a real match would've been a penalty. But this was Fifa 11 on Wii. Of course they wouldn't give a penalty! A when the goalies' sometimes grab the ball on the edge of their area sometimes they walk out with the ball in their hands! Fifa obviously needs to spend more time on the Wii game rather than perfecting what doesn't need to be Fifa for PS3 and X Box. So overall the Fifa 11 Wii version was fun too play, but just not football. On my first of many reviews, I give Fifa 11 (Wii) 2/5 Stars
By: Unregistered
Rating: 53%
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