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Blood Bowl: Legendary Edition Comments & Reviews
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Blood Bowl: Legendary Edition PC Comments & Reviews

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Blood Bowl: Legendary Edition PC comments

Below you will find comments and reviews for Blood Bowl: Legendary Edition. Please give us your thought on Blood Bowl: Legendary Edition. This may help visitors decide to buy Blood Bowl: Legendary Edition or not.
Blood Bowl: Legendary Edition
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Having been a closet fan of the Warhammer (not 40k!) range of miniatures for a long time, indeed having bought a few of the miniatures and telling myself:

"it was only because they were cool and not because I was interested in using them to play games with or anything......."

you understand right?

Anyway - I digress....

I have known about the existence of Blood Bowl in its board game format for a long time, while always thinking it was a pretty neat way to play a game, it just seemed neat in a tacky way and something I never got around to playing.

I just so happened to be bored a couple of nights ago however, so I logged onto Steam and was browsing the store to see if anything caught my attention.

Upon scrolling through the "I don't even remember which section" section, up popped a name I recognized.

Blood Bowl Legends...

"Wait a Minute, I know you, you are supposed to be a board game?"

Upon clicking open the game out of curiosity, I was greeted by a rather cool game intro video and many screen-shots of the game.

Graphically, very nice with some good actor voices for the two commentators, who while being a constant company, never get irritating and annoying.

Upon starting the game, I figured I should play the tutorial which turned out to basically cover (I emphasize basically) everything you will need to know. I felt confident however that I was ready to crush everyone and win glory (It's a guy thing I am sure)...

And so, as I do with every new game I get, I jump straight into the campaign mode (Still not really having a blind clue what the hell I was doing..) and decided to plump for a Norse team (they just caught my attention...) and followed the simple guide to starting a team.

Even though I had the settings on easy (please don't mock me), I proceeded to get soundly beaten 2-0 on my first game by the stupid high elf team.., it took me a couple of turns to figure out some things, (it is not a good idea to try to pick up the ball before you have done the rest of your moves kind of thing...)

I felt I had held my own in the second half of the game though and was ready for more, bring them on.....

My second game was against an Orc team, in a fairly quiet game, in the 5th period of the first half, one of my skinny dudes managed to throw a successful pass down the field (I swear he threw it about 328 meters!) to one of my other skinny dudes who, not only caught it, but ran about 820 meters to score - Touchdown.....

Ok.. That was pretty sweet.

So gave up my Norse team -

(what can I say)

- and picked a wood elf team as they seemed to be the best at passing and running fast.

I am now half way through my campaign and the joys every time one of my players advances a level and powers up. Watching my team improve as I improve at the game is very rewarding and gratefully addictive.

While having no real idea of how this classic board game was played, it:
Caught my attention.
Converted that attention into a sale
Turned that sale into a surprise
Turned that surprise into an addiction....

Thank you for catching my attention
Blood Bowl Legends...

By: Unregistered
Rating: 35%
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