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Far Cry 3 Comments & Reviews
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Far Cry 3 PC Comments & Reviews

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Far Cry 3 PC comments

Below you will find comments and reviews for Far Cry 3. Please give us your thought on Far Cry 3. This may help visitors decide to buy Far Cry 3 or not.
Far Cry 3
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Far Cry 3 Reviews,Comments, Pros & Cons, Rating

Not as good as farcry 2 but bigger world
Game Score: 3-0 (3/5)
This is different than most open world games

you have story missions first 2-3 mandatory

you have freeplay side missions.
assassination, hunting, racing, finding stuff, skill training

kind of like 2 different games in one box.

If you are in a story mission there is no way out...
you MUST complete the mission,
if you turn off the computer and reload the game you will be back in the mission at the beginning of the mission.
and you MUST go thru all the cut scenes no way to skip.
story missions use different controls than normal missions.
you read the instruction on screen and do what it says.
[MASH] space --repeat hitting space as fast as you can
[Hold] space -- hold it down until it asks for something else
[Hit] space -- sorta the normal way but a fast tap doesnt work
you get a picture of the mouse and must hit the button in the picture.
all your equipment skills training have no bearing on a story mission.
there are checkpoints in a story mission so if you screw up on the guitar hero commands you will go back to the checkpoint, and the last cut scene.

the freeplay missions are like most shooters.
there is lots of ammo and money laying around, BUT you cant carry much until you make bags, slings, pouches, and wallets.. and they must be crafted out of leather from the right kind of animal.

very frustrating to run around a hill finally find a way to get to the goodies on top then find the goodies on top cant be carried. (you can escape to the menu and drop some stuff)

after you go thru the mandatory missions probably its most important to make bags, make wallets, buy maps.
(none of this counts in a story mission but makes freeplay easier)

cars bikes and boats drive about the same..
parachute, wing-suit, gliders are completely different and exclusive controls for each

your freeplay missions cant get you to the Southwest islands until you complete about 30 story missions.

Important note for PC people:
The double click in the menu and map is a faster double click than windows allows you to set for the mouse...
the third mission will probably teach you this with fast travel.
But I didnt get the point with the skills and first tatoo
By: Unregistered
Rating: 48%
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