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The Sims FreePlay Comments & Reviews
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The Sims FreePlay iP Comments & Reviews

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The Sims FreePlay iP comments

Below you will find comments and reviews for The Sims FreePlay. Please give us your thought on The Sims FreePlay. This may help visitors decide to buy The Sims FreePlay or not.
The Sims FreePlay
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Fun for everyone!
 Violet angel
Game Score: 5-0 (5/5)
One day I was playing kids doodle, a app. When a sims free play ad came up, I exited out of it. Then when I had an iPad, I remembered it for iPad. So when I was putting games on my iPad, I was going through the free section of the App Store. When it came up, I looked about the game. Since it was free, I got it. I have had strep many times and when I play the sims I just forget about strep and don't feel the pain. I do not have any other EA or Firemonkeys games, but this one is a true pleasure to every day. Thank you EA and Firemonkeys!
By: Violet angel(126)
Rating: 50%
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Addictive Fun!
 Violet angel
Game Score: 3-0 (3/5)
When I first got my iPad, I was browsing through the FREE apps and saw the SIMS Freeplay. I couldn't believe it was free (I had all the SIMS games years ago on disc for my computer) and they definitely weren't free! I was afraid it would be just a little knock off version, but the reviews convinced me to download it and try! The rest is history -) I'm seriously addicted! IT'S SO MUCH FUN! In fact it's saved my sanity - shortly after getting the game, I developed a neurological disease - RSD/CRPS - it's an incredibly painful disease that also causes insomnia ... so this game has been a life saver, in real life! It's so much fun it keeps me distracted from the pain and occupies those long nighttime hours when the rest of the world is sleeping. Bless you EA - you've given me something to get lost in and hold on to! For those of you who aren't ill - you better figure out how you're going to balance your 'SIMS' life and your 'real' life! LOL! I'm deadly serious here, you'll think you're just going to pop in and check on things before bed and before you know it - it's 2AM! Set a timer or alarm :-) I love EA games in general, but SIMS will always be my favorite! During these dark days in my life, SIMS has been a fun-filled escape from reality. Thanks EA!
By: Unregistered
Rating: 44%
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