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Resident Evil 6 Comments & Reviews
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Resident Evil 6 XBOX 360 Comments & Reviews

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Resident Evil 6 XBOX 360 comments

Below you will find comments and reviews for Resident Evil 6. Please give us your thought on Resident Evil 6. This may help visitors decide to buy Resident Evil 6 or not.
Resident Evil 6
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Resident Evil 6 Reviews,Comments, Pros & Cons, Rating

Not the Best but Not the Worst
Game Score: 3-0 (3/5)
Resident Evil has changed a lot from its beginning in 1996. Many people liked the changes made to the gameplay in Resident Evil 4 after they had complained that the old Resident Evil formula was outdated. Seven years later, Resident Evil 6 comes, and people are complaining that the old formula should be back? Some reviews of this game are bad because they're just rants on how the game isn't sticking to its roots. Weren't we complaining about that not too long ago? Discard those reviews because this game is good. The gameplay of the four intersecting storylines mixes all the gameplays from every Resident Evil. Chris's storyline is like a shooter. Jake's storyline is more of a chase story as Jake and his partner runs away from Utanak (I think that's right.). Ada's storyline mixes stealth and puzzle solving, and Leon's storyline relies on a slower pace and more jumpy moments. The story still isn't that scary. The gameplay is great although there are plenty of unexpected quick-time events and scripted events, some leading to unexpected deaths. There's split-screen and online co-op, too, which is good because the NPC partners are dumber than the zombies. The graphics are amazing, and the sound is really good. There's a lot of great content that'll keep you playing for a while. No, Resident Evil 6 is not perfect, but it's still good.
By: warlord5531(204)
Rating: 57%
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