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NASCAR '14 Comments & Reviews
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NASCAR '14 XB360 Comments & Reviews

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NASCAR '14 XB360 comments

Below you will find comments and reviews for NASCAR '14. Please give us your thought on NASCAR '14. This may help visitors decide to buy NASCAR '14 or not.
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Game Score: 4-0 (4/5)
I have been going to real nascar events for years, started at riverside raceway when they called it winsten western 500 loved that track. anyways game it almost like the real thing i like that if you mess with a few things your car runs better like in real racing. two things i hate that make me wanna through my laptop and the game out the window 1. that the cars try to wreak you for no reason. if you know nascar that is so so out of the way nascar is. i could not believe nascar aloud that in the game. 2. if i pass a car or a car is wreaked it normally stays that way. like i work to get ahead pass some cars i see one wreak or whatever it needs to stay that way! not you pass then they find some super power and come back to mess with you and pass you with ease like they had no trouble at all. fix it and more people that no nascar would play.
By: Unregistered
Rating: 46%
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