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Duke Nukem Forever Comments & Reviews
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Duke Nukem Forever PC Comments & Reviews

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Duke Nukem Forever PC comments

Below you will find comments and reviews for Duke Nukem Forever. Please give us your thought on Duke Nukem Forever. This may help visitors decide to buy Duke Nukem Forever or not.
Duke Nukem Forever
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Don't waste your money...
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First of all, it runs on Steam (which only works about half the time). Second of all, they expect you to complete the game without any cheats. Now usually, I will explore everything in god mode first, on the easiest level - just to find my way around. (It is like a mouse in a maze, looking for all the cheese.) But in this game, you get killed before you can reload! (It is absurd.) Whatever happened to the balance between success and frustration? You know, where you make it a little farther each time you play, until you finally conquer the game? I miss those days. (Well, time to go look for a trainer!)
By: Unregistered
Rating: 71%
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