Pokemon HeartGold Version (NDS) - NickMaster
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                                                  PokeGear Guide
                     Welcome to the PokeGear Guide!!!!!!! This will tell you all about your PokeGear.

       The First setting is the PokeGear Designer. You can change your PokeGear’s Design.
The 1st Design is a normal Blue. It’s great for Boys.
The 2nd Design is a normal Pink. It’s great for Girls.
The 3rd Design looks a little sinister… Where’d that R come from?
The 4th Design looks Japanese… or is it Chinese?
The 5th Design is very fancy! It has a Pokeball and 8 stars!
The 6th Design is a lighter Blue.
       	The Second setting is the Radio. You can listen to 5 different radio stations.
The 1st Radio station is Pokémon Music Channel. Tune in each day for different Music’s.
The 2nd Radio station is Pokémon Channel. Listen to Mary and Oak do news reports on Pokémon.
The 3rd Radio station is Pokémon Street corner. All about Trainers and towns!
 The 4th Radio station is the variety Channel. Have some Laughs and giggles! 
 The 5th Radio station is Pokeflute. It’s only available in Kanto… 
                 The Third setting is the map. There’s nothing to do but put memos and see where you need to rematch
                  The Last setting is the Phone. You know what to do!

Pokemon HeartGold Version (NDS) - NickMaster