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Weapon/Technique Guide

November 25th 2006
Version: 1.1
Written By: Brandon Rad
Email: The_True_Lord_Of_The_Sith@hotmail.com
Note: When you E-mail me use the subject: Bully

|This is copyright 2006 by Brandon Rad (So don’t do anything to this |
|FAQ, but e-mail me if you want to put it on a different site!)      |
|                                                                    |
|And..                                                               |
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|Bully is copyright Rockstar, Rockstar Vancouver, and                |
|whoever else was responsible for the creation of this game.         |

|Version History|
Version 1.0

November 19th 2006: Began playing Bully, only six days later would this
FAQ become under construction.
November 25th 2006: Began this Guide, and beat Bully.
November 26th 2006: Added “Carton of Eggs,” “Rubber Band Ball,” and “Bag
of Marbles to the weapons list. I also added a few helpful links and
the legal stuff. I also ended up adding all the descriptions and
finished the guide.

Version 1.1

November 27th 2006: Added “Special Features” to all weapons, I kept Hand
to Hand Combat the same, as knockdown is basically the special feature.
November 28th 2006: Fixed the hotkeys, put them all into order, instead
of having them everywhere.
December 5th 2006: Decided to add an email disclaimer at the bottom of
the Legal Information, because of stupid emails popping up in my inbox.


(Use Ctrl+F to find what you’re looking for using the hotkeys next to
the chapter)

1. Introduction                    [BUL1]
2. Weapons                    [BUL2]
 2.01. Slingshot                    [WEP1]
 2.02. Firecrackers                [WEP2]
 2.03. Stink Bombs                [WEP3]
 2.04. Itching Powder                [WEP4]
 2.05. Super Slingshot                [WEP5]
 2.06. Bottle Rocket Launcher            [WEP6]
 2.07. Spud Launcher                [WEP7]
 2.08. Carton of Eggs                [WEP8]
 2.10. Bag of Marbles                [WEP9]
 2.09. Rubber Band Ball                [WEP10]
3. Hand to Hand Combat                [BUL3]
 3.01. 3-Hit Combo                [HTH1]
 3.02. Grapple                    [HTH2]
   3.02.1. Grapple Charge                [HTH2.1]
   3.02.2. Grapple Throw                [HTH2.2]
   3.02.3. Grapple Takedown            [HTH2.3]
   3.02.4. Takedown Combo                [HTH2.4]
 3.06. Headbutt                    [HTH3]
 3.07. Knee Drop Attack                [HTH4]
 3.08. Uppercut                    [HTH5]
 3.09. Leg Sweep                    [HTH6]
 3.10. Heavy Kick                    [HTH7]
 3.11. 5-Hit Combo                [HTH8]
 3.12. Roundhouse Kick                [HTH9]
 3.13. Overhead Punch                [HTH10]
4. Links                        [BUL4]
5. Special Thanks                    [BUL5]
6. Legal Stuff                    [BUL6]
|1. Introduction|                    [BUL1]

This guide is made to give players an upcoming look on the weapons of
Bully. It is designed only for the weapons. No items, no gifts, and
especially no Walkthrough help, just weapons, so just heed those words.
If you’re looking for a specific weapon or attack, use Ctrl+F and type
in the hotkey, next to the weapon, and press enter to find what you’re
looking for. And again, this guide is for the weapons of Bully and the
Combat Moves, as your hands are considered weapons.
|2. Weapons|                    [BUL2]

In Bully, you have a vast selection of weapons. In this part of the
guide, it will only take you through the permanent weapons of Bully,
not the temporary, like the 2x4, the Baseball Bat, Norton’s Hammer,
|2.01. Slingshot|                    [WEP1]

Power: Moderate
Max Ammunition: Unlimited
How to Unlock: Defeat Davis in the mission “The Setup”
Description: The slingshot is basically your last resort weapon, or
your favorite tool. The Slingshot IS handy. Coming with one full charge
to knock down almost half your enemy’s health and infinite ammo, the
Slingshot is your best bet for your universal tool. But, it does get
outdated by more powerful weapons, despite the fact that it is your
best weapon.
Special Features: Not really any special features, this is your normal
weapon that just does damage. That’s it.
|2.02. Firecrackers|                [WEP2]

Power: High
How to Unlock: Pass “Chemistry 1”
Max Ammunition: 5
Description: These Firecrackers are very powerful tools, at the price
of low ammunition. The Firecrackers are also very easy to unlock, but
they come with very low ammo, and the Chemistry Set can only be used
once a day once you unlock these, so expect to be saving these for a
Special Features: The Firecrackers have an area effect, which has a
tendency to hit you if you’re too close, otherwise, nothing but the
area damage.
|2.03. Stink Bombs|                [WEP3]

Power: None
How to Unlock: Pass “Chemistry 2”
Max Ammunition: 5
Description: The Stink Bombs are virtually worthless. The only thing
they are good for is distracting people, and causing havoc. But
otherwise, these things are pretty fun to play with when you have some
free time in school. Get on a roof and bombard kids with these.
Special Features: The Stink Bomb is able to stun your opponents from
performing any actions for a few seconds, but they can still run.
|2.04. Itching Powder|                [WEP4]

Power: None
How to Unlock: Pass “Chemistry 3”
Max Ammunition: 5
Description: These are, like stink bombs, worthless. They are only fun
for distracting people and making people itch themselves. These are
good when you want to make a prefect or such stop chasing you, but in
combat, worthless.
Special Features: This is really one of the worst weapons, the only
special feature is a short stun that is almost useless compared to the
Stink Bomb.
|2.05. Super Slingshot|                [WEP5]

Power: Moderate-High
How to Unlock: Finish the Mission “The Candidate”
Max Ammunition: Unlimited
Description: The Super Slingshot is an upgrade of the regular
Slingshot, that replaces it once it’s unlocked. A full charge will make
a bully or jock halfway knocked out, and it even comes with a scope.
One of the best weapons in my opinion, and since it is your Slingshot,
it has unlimited ammo, Rockstar sure is generous.
Special Features: The Super Slingshot has a scope on it, that can zoom
quite far. It is basically your same Slingshot with a range and
accuracy boost.
|2.06. Bottle Rocket Launcher|            [WEP6]

Power: High
How to Unlock: Finish the Mission “Nerd Challenge”
Max Ammunition: 12
Description: One of my favorite weapons. But personally, it has
horrible accuracy, when you fire, if you are too far, the rocket will
go off course. But, if you hit someone, it pretty much knocks out all
human life in a few shots. The only downside, is it’s hard to unlock,
as Con-Sumo is pretty tedious to beat.
Special Features: The Bottle Rocket Launcher has almost no special
features except for an area effect, not as large as the Firecrackers,
but it does in fact damage multiple opponents, if they are grouped
|2.07. Spud Launcher|                [WEP7]

Power: High
How to Unlock: Finish the Mission “Nerd Boss”
Max Ammunition: 8
Description: My personal favorite weapon. It comes complete with, high
power and accuracy. It’s not very quick, but neither is the Bottle
Rocket Launcher. The Spud Launcher is a very handy weapon, and will
save you from crazy people trying to knock you out.
Special Features: Well, can’t say much about this. With it’s high
accuracy and damage, Rockstar saw that this deserved no Special
|2.08. Carton of Eggs|                [WEP8]

Power: Low
How to Unlock: Buy at Grocery Store or Find off various Preppies
Max Ammunition: 12
Description: The Eggs are fun to throw with, but not fun when in
combat. The Preppies and the Greasers wield these to slow you down. The
Eggs are like Itching Powder, only it’s not powder, it will slow down
the enemy. The eggs are amusing for throwing at houses and people.
Special Features: The only real special feature is that the egg makes
you flinch for about one second, so basically, none but a very, very
brief stun.
|2.09. Bag of Marbles|                [WEP9]

Power: Low
How to Unlock: Find around the school and city
Max Ammunition: 5
Description: A very funny weapon. Though it does absolutely no damage,
when thrown, it causes your enemy to trip, which causes minor damage,
but it’s fun when you’re two inches away and your enemy is trying to
get to you, and they keep tripping on the marbles. A fun weapon, but
it’s not for battle.
Special Features: It trips your enemies, and keeps them busy for a
while, just run in the opposite direction you threw the marbles in to
keep your enemies from running around the marbles.
|2.10. Rubber Band Ball|                [WEP10]

(Note: This information is only an estimate of information I have
collected, I will have accurate information soon!)

Power: Moderate-High
How to Unlock: Collect all 75 Rubber Bands
Max Ammunition: Unlimited
Description: This Rubber Band Ball is your Holy Grail for collected all
75 Rubber Bands. It is a powerful weapon and can hit multiple enemies.
It is about the size of a dodgeball and bounces around once you hit an
enemy, so it is basically your multi-hit weapon. Have fun with it!
Special Features: The Rubber Band Ball bounces around to hit multiple
opponents, otherwise, it doesn’t have any other features.
|3. Hand to Hand Combat|                [BUL3]

In Bully, Hand to Hand combat is your staple for survival, it will help
you in various situations. In Bully, there are 11 new moves to unlock
during game play apart from the ones you know from the start. But, each
unlockable move has a certain requirement, whether it be bringing a
hobo a radio transistor, or passing Gym Class.
|3.01. 3-Hit Combo|                [HTH1]

Power: Moderate-Low
Speed: Moderate-Low
Combination: Square, Square, Square
Knockdown: No
How to Unlock: You start with it
Description: 3-Hit Combo is you basic hit, hit, hit move that will
cause enemies to stop in there tracks. It is replaced later in the
game, but it will help you for the majority of the game.
|3.02. Grapple|                    [HTH2]

Power: None
Speed: Fast
Combination: Triangle
Knockdown: No
How to Unlock: You start with it
Description: Grapple gives you all sorts of possibilities. But, Grapple
just basically allows you to grab your opponent, giving you the upper
|3.02.1. Grapple Charge|                [HTH2.1]

Power: Moderate-Low
Speed: Moderate
Combination: Triangle, Square, Square, Square
Knockdown: No
How to Unlock: You start with it
Description: Your basic, hit, hit, hit combo once more, but this time,
your enemy cannot react, as you are grappling them.
|3.02.2. Grapple Throw|                [HTH2.2]

Power: Low
Speed: Moderate
Combination: Triangle, Triangle
Knockdown: Yes
How to Unlock: You start with it
Description: A basic attack. Once after grappling, pressing Triangle
again would allow you to throw your enemy backwards and onto the
ground. It lacks power, but then again, it’s just a throw.
|3.02.3. Grapple Takedown|                [HTH2.3]

Power: Moderate-Low
Speed: Moderate
Combination: Triangle, Circle
Knockdown: Yes
How to Unlock: You start with it
Description: Once of the most basic, yet useful moves in the game. It
allows you to tackle your enemy while in grapple, by doing it, you are
able to do several other moves, like the Takedown Combo, or the Knee
Drop Attack.
|3.02.4. Takedown Combo|                [HTH2.4]

Power: Moderate-Low
Speed: Moderate
Combination: Triangle, Circle, Square, Square, Square
Knockdown: No
How to Unlock: You start with it
Description: Again, this is basically like your Grapple Combo attack,
or your 3-Hit Combo. It allows you to hit your enemy three times while
on the ground.
|3.03. Headbutt|                        [HTH3]

Power: Moderate-High
Speed: Slow
Combination: Triangle, [HOLD] Square
Knockdown: Yes
How to Unlock: Pass “Gym 1”
Description: The moves are getting stronger as you progress. The
Headbutt is strong, and once your perform it, it sounds like it hurts.
By grappling once more, you are allowed to perform a powerful Headbutt,
which nearly gets rid of half your opponent’s health.
|3.04. Knee Drop Attack|                [HTH4]

Power: High
Speed: Moderate-Fast
Combination: Triangle, Circle, Circle
Knockdown: Yes
How to Unlock: Pass “Gym 3”
Description: One of my favorite attacks. Once after grappling, and
taking down your opponent, you can do a knee drop attack, which allows
you to knee your opponent in the privates. Which brings your opponent’s
health down by half, and stuns them for a few seconds.
|3.05. Uppercut|                    [HTH5]

Power: Moderate-High
Speed: Moderate-Slow
Combination: [HOLD] Square
Knockdown: Yes
How to Unlock: Finish the mission “A Little Help”
Description: Like Headbutt, only, you are not grappling the enemy. But,
it knocks your opponent backwards, and they even get a little hang time
while flying backwards. I do not recommend it as you have Headbutt.
|3.06. Leg Sweep|                    [HTH6]

Power: Moderate-Fast
Speed: Moderate
Combination: Square, [Hold Square]
Knockdown: Yes
How to Unlock: Bring Transistor 2 to the Hobo
Description: A fun move to avoid crazy students or people. It is much
better than Uppercut because you have a first attack to stun enemies.
It allows you to perform a leg sweep to trip the enemy, leaving them on
the ground for a few seconds.
|3.07. Heavy Kick|                    [HTH7]

Power: High
Speed: Moderate-Fast
Combination: Square, Square, [HOLD] Square
Knockdown: No
How to Unlock: Bring Transistor 3 to the Hobo
Description: This move allows you to perform a powerful hit to the gut
to stun the enemy for maybe 2 seconds, but, it is very powerful, about
half their health goes down, along with a stun. Nice work Rockstar.
|3.08. 5-Hit Combo|                [HTH8]

Power: Moderate-High
Speed: Moderate-Fast
Combination: Square, Square, Square, Square, Square
Knockdown: Yes
How to Unlock: Bring Transistor 4 to the Hobo
Description: Alas, the 5-hit Combo. This will replace your three hit
combo in terms of damage and speed. Because during fights, you usually
mash the square button, the 3-hit Combo is made obsolete. This attack
is one of the best, and the one you’ll be using most often.
|3.09. Roundhouse Kick|                [HTH9]

Power: High
Speed: Fast
Combination: Square, Square, Square, [HOLD] Square
Knockdown: Yes
How to Unlock: Bring Transistor 5 to the Hobo
Description: What fighting game is complete without the infamous
Roundhouse Kick? None, so the Roundhouse Kick is one of the best moves
of the game. It allows for a powerful three hit combo, followed by a
powerful Roundhouse Kick, which throws the enemy on the ground. It does
about 75% of damage to the enemy.
|3.10. Overhead Punch|                [HTH10]

Power: High
Speed: Fast
Combination: Square, Square, Square, Square, [HOLD] Square
Knockdown: Yes
How to Unlock: Bring the Transistor 6 to the Hobo
Description: And now, the best move in the game. With a powerful 4 hit
combo to stun the enemy, the Overhead Punch knocks down the enemy and
does almost 85% of damage. So anticipate Overhead Punch, as it will
help you in countless fights.

|4. Links and Tips|                [BUL4]

Here are a list of useful links and tips that help out with finding
various items that are needed to unlock the weapon and attacks:

How to find all the Transistors (In no particular order):

First Transistor: You must find it during “A little Help.”
Second Transistor: Find it in the School Basement.
Third Transistor: Find it in the middle of the road near the dam.
Fourth Transistor: Behind the Mexican Restaurant in Bullworth Town.
Fifth Transistor: After you finish “Nerd Challenge” it’s in the Nerd
Hangout below Dragon Wing Comics.
Sixth Transistor: In an alleyway in New Coventry near the tenements.

A detailed way to get every Rubber Band:

|5. Special Thanks|                [BUL5]

1. GameFAQs for allowing this FAQ to be published.
2. Rockstar and Rockstar Vancouver, for making this game.
3. YuGiOhAngel@Yahoo.com and YuGiOhFm2002@yahoo.com for making and
allowing me to use the Rubber Band Guide.
4. And the gamers, for playing Bully.

|6. Legal Stuff|                    [BUL6]

Currently, the only websites allowed to use this FAQ are:


If you wish to get permission to use this guide, email me at:

If you got permission, but was not listed, email me again with some
sort of proof that you emailed before for asking permission, or my
email that approved your site.

You must email me to get use of this FAQ, because if you do not, it
would be considered Copyright Infringement.

Sites that are not allowed to steal this guide, as they are known FAQ


If you see my FAQ on any of these sites, email me IMMEDIATELY.


Dear readers, I have gotten a couple of emails in my inbox complaining
on help for Bully. I think people cannot understand English, because
what they were writing in was clearly not English. This FAQ is for
weapons only, as I stated in the introduction. So please, if you do not
want me to display your email on this FAQ, do not email me stupid
questions, I will not even bother emailing you back. Thank you.


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