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Nancy Drew & the Clue Bender Society
Nintendo DS Game Walkthrough


Drop – Use the arrows to move the baskets left or right. The goal is to
capture the colored balls in a basket of the same color.

Key Dots – Use the stylus to touch the large dots as a small dot of the
same color moves beneath it. You have to be quick to catch them!

Gears – This game is somewhat like Minesweeper. The object of the
game is to move a gear from the top left to the bottom right without
hitting a “no gear” sign. It may take several tries to make it through.


To drive snow mobiles and boats, hold down the “A” button for gas, and
use the arrows to steer Nancy. To slow down/stop, let go of the “A”
button. Be sure to avoid obstructions!


1. Hold down the “B” button to make Nancy run!
2. When Nancy is near a hidden clue, a question mark will appear in the bottom right hand corner of the touch screen. 
   When it turns into an X, click it to collect the clue!

1. Speak to Sgt. Kim. (Joanna)
2. Get Sgt. Kim’s fingerprint off the mug.
3. Speak to Sgt. Kim again.
4. Discuss scanalyzer.
5. Discuss cell phone.
6. Find cell phone in Nancy’s room. It’s on the night stand.
7. Scan cell phone for fingerprints.
8. Collect the invitation from Nancy’s desk.
9. Scan letter for fingerprints.
10. Go downstairs and talk to Nancy’s dad.
11. Go back to Nancy’s room and talk to Bess.
12. Go downstairs, out front door and meet Ned.
13. Speak to Ned.
14. Solve the puzzle box on the boat deck by playing “Drop” game.
15. Speak to each of the people on the boat deck.
16. Walk to the snow mobiles. Drive the snow mobile to the manor.
17. Speak to Greg.
18. Unlock manor door by solving the riddle. (Answer: red, blue, red,red)
19. The puzzle box is located on the table beneath the red and blue paintings. Scan puzzle box for fingerprints, and
unlock it using the
    paintings above as a guide. (Answer: red, blue, red, blue) You will receive a page from the Tome w/ a poem.
20. Speak to Mr. Wargrave.
21. Travel through the double doors in the foyer on the middle floor (near the piano.)
22. Take a right.
23. Follow the arrows through the hallway & find the grandfather clock.
24. Scan clock for finger prints.
25. Check your inventory for the poem discovered in the empty Tome box. It’s a riddle that contains a very important
clue. (Answer: Set
    the grandfather clock’s time to 9:00.)
26. Change the time on the clock to 9:00. Drag the big hand (clockwise) all the way around and back to the 12. You
should receive
    tuning fork #1.
27. Explore each of the rooms on the middle floor.
28. In the purple room, go to the exclamation bubble. Scan the chest for fingerprints. You’ll find another puzzle box.
Play the “Drop” game
    to collect tuning fork #2.
29. Exit back into the hallway and find the row of knight statues. Collect the note.
30. Exit back to the foyer and go upstairs to the painting of a couple. Collect the note hidden there.
31. Go back down stairs to the piano. Scan the piano for fingerprints.
32. Read the two notes you just collected via your inventory panel. Play the keys found on the notes. (Answer: G, C, D,
G, C) Collect tuning
    fork #3.
33. Go back through the double doors to the row of knight statues. This time, take note of the colors at the bottom of
the statue.
34. Hidden behind the night is a locked room. Look for the exclamation bubble. Unlock the door using the colors from the
knight statues.
    (Answer: blue, red, red, red, blue)
35. Go to the jukebox and tap the tuning forks in this order: G, C, D, G, G, C, D.
36. Collect fingerprints from the Tome box.
37. Go back to the foyer on the middle level and speak to Mr.Wargrave. He will give you the key to the manor which means
access to the top 
38. Explore upstairs.
39. Take the elevator down to the bottom level, the boiler room. Collect the gear and scan it for finger prints.
40. Head to East Hall (the hallway area where the row of knights was) to meet Rachel.
41. Check out the locking mechanism made from gears.
42. Unlock the locked guest room by playing the “Key Dots” game.
43. Go inside the room. Collect the Tome page with the symbols.
44. Scan the page for fingerprints.
45. Exit back to the foyer on the middle level.
46. Speak to Mr. Wargrave. This will activate the slot machines on the top level.
47. Our next task is to find the remaining 3 gears. They are located in Ms. Loveday’s secret rooms. To unlock one of Ms.
Loveday’s rooms,
    travel to the top level and enter the symbols from the door into each slot machine. Each slot machine controls ONE
symbol. You will have
    to change the symbols on all 4 slot machines each time you want to unlock a door. It’s best to write down the
symbols from each door so
    you don’t have to keep going back and forth. ?
48. Unlock the middle level door first, go to it.
49. Collect the gear, and scan it for fingerprints.
50. Ignore Nancy’s call. You’ll find her later!
51. Go back to the top level, and unlock the secret door on that level. Go in, collect the gear and scan it for
52. Unlock the secret door in the foyer area (library.) Collect the gear from that room, scan it for fingerprints.
53. Explore the library for clues. Volumes 1, 3, and 5 are missing from the bookshelf. There is a locked door in that
54. Go back to East Hall (middle floor, row of knights) where Rachel and the gear locking mechanism are located.
55. Talk to Rachel.
56. Unlock gear locking mechanism by using your stylus to drag the gear to its coordinating gold button. Once they are
all in the correct
    place, the mechanism will unlock.
57. Follow the secret passage way and enter the hedge maze outside.
58. Follow the wet footprints. Run! They disappear quick.
59. Get on the snow mobile and drive to town.
60. Speak to Tommy.
61. Find Mrs. McGreggor and speak to her.
62. Go into Mrs. McGreggor’s portal (takes you to a cemetery.)
63. Explore the cemetery. Use the stylus to wipe snow off the head stones. Watch for hidden clues!
64. Speak to Mrs. McGreggor again.
65. Find Tommy at the fish shop.
66. Go to the stump, and lure Sprinkles 2 out with the fish.
67. Collect the coin piece.
68. Speak to James.
69. Unlock & explore the plow shed. (Answer: diamond, diamond, diamond, star, star)
70. Speak to Greg.
71. Go to the general store.
72. Speak to Tommy’s dad.
73. Go back to the plow shed, to the coal piles behind it and search for the blue quartz. Check all the marked spots.
Use the stylus and tap
    the coal to crack it open and reveal the quartz.
74. Go back to the general store and trade the quartz for the coin (from Tommy’s dad.)
75. Collect the Tome page with the symbols from the statue.
76. Place the coin in the slot on the statue.
77. Travel through the maze to the other end. Look for clues!
78. Talk to Nero.
79. Go through the hedge maze to the manor garage and speak to James.
80. Unlock the iron puzzle box using the symbol that looks like an arrow.
81. Go outside the garage to the snow mobiles, drive back to town.
82. Meet Greg at the café. Make a note to check Nero’s room, and begin a search for the communications room to decode
the letter
    Greg gave you.
83. Go outside to the snow mobiles and ride to Mrs. Abernathy’s manor.
84. Check out the beat up snow mobile, scan it for fingerprints. Collect the piece of the photo.
85. Ring the doorbell (using stylus) and speak to Mrs. Abernathy.
86. Go back to the manor, begin hunt for communications room.
87. The communications room is located on the top floor. To unlock it, you must first find the 3 drums, and play the
musical drum lock.
    Drum #1 was collected from the iron box James found. 
    Drum #2 is in Ms. Loveday’s secret room in the boiler room. 
    Drum #3 is outside the library (secret room in foyer.)
88. Use the elevator to travel to the 3rd floor and unlock the secret door in the boiler room.
89. Enter the secret door. You’ll have to touch the stars to unblock the coordinating color path.
90. Unlock the puzzle box by playing the “Gears” game. Collect the drum.
91. Go back to the top floor to unlock the secret door in the foyer (the library.)
92. Collect book #2 that’s missing.
93. Collect book #3 that’s missing.
94. Go to the bookshelf and place the missing books back where the belong using the stylus. (Tap the space where the
book goes!) This
    will unlock the locked door.
95. Go through the door. Walk close to the fence until you see an X appear at the bottom right side of your touch
screen. You’ve found
    the 3rd hidden drum!
96. Go back to the top level and play the drum music lock by dragging the handle with your stylus. It’s like a jack in
the box. Keep spinning
    it as fast as you can until you hear a brick wall being moved, and Nancy stops you.
97. On the top level, find Mr. Wargrave’s bedroom – it has an exit to a catwalk. Go out on the catwalk. Follow the
arrows to the
    communication room.
98. Speak to Rachel.
99. Decode both documents by dragging them over the computer with your stylus. Take note of what each one says.
100. Check out the boat. Speak to Doyle.
101. Lure Watson out with the fish trick (on the stump.)
102. Speak to Doyle and get the key to the boat.
103. Return to the boat and use the stylus to tap the red button.
104. Drive the boat to the light house.
105. Check for hidden clues on the deck. (footprints and marks)
106. Unlock the light house using the symbol that resembles an 8.
107. Go upstairs & check for hidden clues. (note on body, telecope)
108. Go back to the boat deck to the exclamation balloon.
109. Speak to Greg.
110. Exit front of manor to snow mobiles. Ride to Mrs. Abernathy’s.
111. Ring the doorbell & speak to Mrs. Abernathy.
112. Go back to the Manor, to Nero’s room on the top floor.
113. Unlock the gear locking mechanism, trying different combinations.
114. Travel through the secret door. Collect the 2 Tome pages in the vent.
115. Unlock the locked door, trying different combinations. (Answer: sun, heart, heart, sun, star)
116. Go inside the hidden storage room. Collect the photo piece.
117. Go out and up the ladder to the roof. Look for hidden clues!
118. Go back downstairs to the foyer on the middle floor.
119. Speak to Doyle.
120. Go back to the foyer to the fireplace. Walk in the shadows! Don’t let anyone see you. It may take several tries.
121. Once you’ve made it, you’ll have to use a gear to unlock the passageway. Using the stylus put the gear in place and
rotate it.
122. Find your way through the maze.
123. At the statue, you have to get all 3 coins over to the left side without breaking the rules. (Hint: The steed is
the first AND the last
     to be moved.)
124. Travel through the tunnel.
125. Go inside the shack.
126. Speak to Dr. Armstrong.
127. Drag the photo pieces together.
128. Case solved.

Nancy Drew: The Mystery of the Clue Bender Society (NDS) - ndsgeek577