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Borderlands Boss Guide

Notes: This guide includes as much available information and will be updated when new information is available. It is
currently incomplete, 
        so if you can't find what you need now, check back later.
	I will only allow this guide to be on Cheat Masters ( , and I will take action
	if I see this guide on any other site. You have been warned. The first submission of this guide was made on 11/9/2009

	For help with Enemies, take a look at my Enemy guide!	
	This guide lists the bosses alphebetically, so you should have no trouble finding the boss you're looking for. 

There are many dangerous enemies in Pandora, but more powerful than your standard foes are the bosses. If you are
struggling with defeating a boss, 
I hope this guide will aid you in your battle.

Some bosses are not listed here, but will be added soon.

The Destroyer
The Destroyer is the final boss in Borderlands. The Eridians managed imprison it in the Vault, but they sacrificed their
entire civilization to do so. 

At the start of battle, The Destroyer will grow some purple tentacles that throw explosive spikes. These spikes can
still get you if you are behind cover, 
so destroy the tentacles as soon as you can by shooting the glowing orbs near the base of each tentacle. 
The Destroyer also has some other tentacles that you cannot destroy. They are easy to dodge, so they aren't a major
thing to worry about.
What it will usually use these tentacles for is smashing them into the ground, causing a shockwave that will knock you
You can keep from being hit by taking cover behind a pillar. 
The Destroyer also has an energy beam that shoots from its eye. When you hear it charging, hide behind a pillar to avoid
getting hit.
Otherwise it will deal a lot of damage. 

You can just attack it normally, or you can go after its tentacles that wrap around some pillars. Either way, just keep
attacking at it 
and don't get discouraged. The Destroyer will take a while to defeat, but once you have it means you have reached the
end of the game!

Congratz, and don't just stop there. Playthrough the game again and have fun!

Baron Flynt
You must kill Flynt to retrieve the fourth piece of the Vault Key.

To reach him you must hop on a ladder below his vehicle, Thor, and make your way to an entrance on the west side. 
Be prepared once you get in the elevator because once you get off the elevator, several doors will open and Psychos will
come at you. 
More will appear after you take care of them, but when you are finished with the psychos you must fight the Baron's two
One has a machine gun and the other will mostly try to melee you or throw grenades. Try to take care of them as best you
remember that headshots cause critical damage. 
The best thing to do is take care of the grenade-throwing bodyguard since he is fast 
and will come at you when he's not throwing any grenades, while the machine-gun wielding bodyguard will just stand there
and try to shoot you. 

When the last bodyguard is low on health, the Baron will come down from his throne and other enemies will have spawned
on the higher level. 
Your focus should be on the Baron, since he will start attacking with a rocket launcher that fires four or five shots. 
After each attack, he will reload, which gives you time to shoot him. Each rocket deals around 80 damage, 
but just keep behind cover and attack when he reloads and you should be fine. 

Bone Head
Bone Head is a level 11 bandit of Sledge's that guards a Digistruct Module in the Bone Head's Theft mission.

Once you reach him, you will find him with some buddies. Take care of them and then go after Bone Head. He is pretty
depending on what level you are, but has a very strong shield. Go with plenty of ammo, and just keep at it. 

King Wee Wee
King Wee Wee is a midget raider, and will attack you with mostly melee attacks. These attacks are very strong,so avoid
them as much as possible.
 Otherwise, he is a pretty easy foe. Just jump around to avoid his melee attacks, and shoot him a bit.

You must kill Krom to get the second piece of the Vault Key.
He has a turret that fires rockets, as well as machine gun bullets. The best thing to do is to keep behind cover, and
making your way up the mountain.
If you can, try just taking him and his turret out from a distance with a rocket launcher, sniper rifle, or any ranged
weapon with decent damage. 

Mad Mel
Mad Mel drives around an arena in an armored truck which means you need some big guns or a rocket launcher to take care
of him. 
If you are on foot, look out since he will try to run you down. The easiest way to kill him is to get a vehicle with a
mounted machine gun,
or rocket laucnher, and drive around him while shooting him. 

It would be crazy to try to defeat him on foot, but if you think you can manage it then go ahead. 
If you die, you will just respawn before the ramp that goes to the arena.

Moe & Marley
Moe and Marley won't be exactly where your marker says, so look around for them. Once you find them, take them down one
at a time.
Have one of them chase you if you need to seperate them, but they won't always be together anyway. 
Once seperated, take them down the same way you would with any other strong, elemental Skag. They're just a bit more

One way to defeat them more easily is to lead one of them into a group of bandits if you know of any nearby and let the
bandits help you lower
its health while you attack it from a distance.

Mothrakk is a giant rakk that you must defeat as a quest. Once you lure it down with the three torches, you are in for a
good fight.
It does not dive at you like normal rakks, but instead spits explosive fireballs as it flies above you. 

If you only just want to kill it, and don't care much about experience, then hop into a vechile with a machine gun, or
rocket launcher, 
and lock onto it while driving around. Shoot shoot shoot. 

A good way to take down Mothrakk is to go at it from the Catch-A-Ride station nearby. Take cover the roof, and shoot at
Mothrakk after 
it takes a break from spewing its fireballs at you. Repeat this, and you should be able to take it down easily.

Nine-Toes is a bandit lord who lives in a cave and he has a couple of Skag pets!

As far as bosses go, he is pretty easy. Just constantly shoot at him and he will go down pretty quickly. 
Just avoid his skag hounds, Digit and Pinky, by either shooting them or hopping into the bleachers. 

Just remember that headshots do critical damage, and he'll be an easy foe. His hounds are the main threat, but you don't
even have to kill them.

Rakk Hive
The Rakk Hive is a huge creature that lets out swarms of Rakks from the holes on its back. 

It's a slow moving beast, and because of its powerful stomp attack you should keep your distance as much as possible
while dodging explosive acid balls that it may shoot at you. 

The easiest way to kill the Rakk Hive is to hit its weak spots, which are its eyes. They will explode once enough damage
is dealt,
and the empty sockets are weak spots as well. Focus on the eyes, sockets, and mouth to deal easy criticals.

During the fight, it will let loose Rakk swarms that are not the usual Rakks you come across. Kamikaze Rakks will dive
at you and explode,
dealing a decent amount of damage, but will also explode if you shoot them. Defender Rakks will act like normal Rakks,
and dive at you in the usual Rakk way.

He is just a large skag you must kill to retrieve T.K.'s leg in the T.K.'S Life and Limb quest. 

Fight him the same way you would any other skag. He shouldn't be too tough.

Skagzilla is a giant Skag that is resistant to corrosive, electric, and fire damage.

Once the battle begins, shoot into his mouth as he roars. 

He has several attacks. He will leap, slash, or charge at you. During his leap, you will sometimes have a chance to hit
him in his mouth as he roars,
but this is a little difficult to pull off. He also has an attack where he spits a beam of energy.

An easy way to defeat him is to dodge most of his other attacks, but unload all you've got into his mouth as he aims his
energy attack.
This is easiest with a powerful shotgun.

Sledge is a big, bad, bandit leader and has a very powerful shotgun for you once you kill him.

His shield is strong and charges fast, and up close he will rip you a new one with his sledgehammer.
If you attack from a distance, he will attempt to shoot you, but his shotgun is extremely inaccurate. 
He also has plenty of bandit buddies that will try to get at you during the fight.

A good tactic is to take care of the other bandits, which will take some time because the will keep spawning for a bit,
but once enough have been defeated they will stop. 

Use a powerful weapon to attack him, then take cover, and repeat. Just remember to keep your distance since he does try
to move closer at times.

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