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Add Grim Reaper at Your House Hold ^ ^
Yes ok I shall tell you how to get a Grim Reaper to move in to your family. In Sims 3 of course, duh. If you succeed
doing it in real life please tell me how you did it.

There are a few other places online where you can search for how to move in the Grim Reaper. Some may be different from
mine, some may be the same. Anyhow there are the guidelines.


Well ok here goes. Few simple steps.

1) Choose Friendly :chat.

2) Then Friendly: hug.

3) Then Special: charismatic: admire.

4) Lastly, Friendly: Ask to Move In

There are a few rules to take note of. First of all the Grim Reaper stays for only a short while (unless you get the
neat freak Grim Reaper who will stay for a longer time if you have a spoilt sink around… more on that later). I don’t
remember the exact amount of seconds he will stay for but it’s only a short time. So do this right!

After the ghost drifts away, the Grim will keep his scythe. During this point of time I suggest pausing, and playing,
and pausing, and playing until he lands onto the floor. From then on you should have the option of talking to the Grim.
Talk to him everytime he comes until he becomes your best friend.

Then Pause and do the steps above.

Remember you only have a very short amount of time so don’t dilly-dally and do one step after another. Now here you may
wonder how to get the Admire function. You can only have the choice if the character you are using has the Charismatic
trait. And right after you choose to admire, you should do the pause play thing until the option to Ask to Move In is

YAAAY! The Grim is now a part of your family!


Well ok yes I certainly cheated! Who wouldn’t? :P The main cheat code you should know is…

Type Ctrl+Shift+C and enter testingcheatsenabled true. This will allow you to use certain cheats. Now when the Grim
Reaper is in your house killing your poor Sim, go to relationships and click your mouse on the bar for the Grim and drag
it all the way to the end so you can become best friends. Next, if you don’t have a character with the Charisma Trait,
Shift+Click on the particular envoy (sent to talk to the Grim) and choose to modify traits. You can always change it

It’s that easy.

Now let’s move on to the next section.


Note that you cannot kill a character with the unlucky trait. The Grim will always let the person live again. Oh unless
the person dies of old age.

Now if you don’t want to cheat (all cheats help in the brackets), this is what you have to do. Create a character with a
technophobe trait (alternatively you can use the same cheat as above to modify traits), and buy the lousiest television
available. Stick that television somewhere, and get your technophobe Sim to sabotage it. Until it spoils, duh.

Then put a sink beside it, the lousiest one available. Get every family member to constantly use the sink until it
spoils. It won’t take long usually. When the sink has spoilt and it’s spurting water, shift the spoilt television onto a
wet puddle and have your poor victim stand on another puddle and on the television, then fix the television. It takes
much faster if the person has poor handiness skill. Anyway, what happens is, your Sim will get electrocuted once. And he
or she will look like they’ve just ran out of the catacombs. Ask the Sim to continue to repair the television. And then…
the second time…

Your poor Sim dies. Well this picture is of my electrocution chamber. Everytime I want to electrocute someone they come
to this toilet. C: Well it’s up to you if you want to keep the sink spurting and a spoilt television. I find it pretty

(Now alternatively, if you want to use the cheat, my sister did it this way… she used testingcheatsenabled true and
pulled the needs of her Sim all the way down… the need bar of BLADDER. Make sure you cancel their option of using the
toilet. Well anyway they will pee on the spot and there you have a wet puddle right at your spoilt television, so you
can skip the spoilt sink step. Wonderful, isn’t it? Albeit a bit gross.)

AND YES. YOU CAN KILL A GRIM REAPER. If you read my previous Sims 3 post (2 posts before this), you would have realised
that my family has a Grim Reaper ghost. Well basically once the Grim Reaper moves in, he’s kind of like a normal Sim
from then on. If you’ve killed enough people, you will realise that in the relationships tab, there are altogether 3
Grim Reapers. I don’t know what will happen if you move all three in. If you do find out, tell me.

Anyhow, my first Grim Reaper is a permanent member of the family now. The second… well. Got electrocuted. Here it is.

I killed Autumn Cusack and moved in the Grim and then electrocuted him. As you can see he has JET BLACK SKIN.

Don’t worry when he becomes a ghost he will revert back to wearing the Grim Reaper cloak. If that’s what you want. C: He
looks like this in the end.

Anyway the last Grim Reaper came to “collect” him.

This is a very very interesting scene I wanted to share with you…


There you can see he has started to mop up the floor. Seriously… well I had a good laugh. I even took a video of it.

Anyway, I’ve got quite a few videos but my internet is freaking unstable now, and I really need to bathe so I shall post
those up for the third post. And maybe do a tutorial on other methods of killing your Sims, aka fire, starvation, old
age, drowning, etc. MUWAHAHAHHAH!
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