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Sims 3 World Adventures Walkthrough

This is a work in progress, and my first one, but here you go

Happy Simming!

Shang Simla, China


			~Spar with Sim~

	Before attempting this mission you must go to a sim fu 'dummy' and practice until you reach martial arts skill level 1.
 Then go to the map view, there should be two face icons- one for the China special merchant, the other should say
"learning from the masters palm" go to this person.  When you click on them there should be a "spar" interaction.  Do
this twice, a message should then pop up saying 'there is no more to teach you'.  Click on the 'report in' to return and
get your rewards.

			~Meditate in the Garden~

	To get the ability to meditate and complete this task your martial arts skill must reach level 5.  Practice with dummys
or board breakers, then once at level five go to the map view and click on 'the scholars garden'.  Once there click on
your sim and choose the 'meditate' option.  Do so for two hours, then click on 'report in'.

			~Enter the Tomb (after meditation)~

	After returning from meditation you receive a key upon "seeing a vision".  Head to the resolute first retreat (find it
in map view).  At the bottom of the stairs notice the footstone on the desk.  Stand on it and a staircase opens to your
right.  When you go down the stairs notice the glowing kestone.  Don't put your key in just yet- there are two piles of
rubble that need to be cleared.  Grab the pile of ancient coins and then turn your attention to the hole in the wall. 
Inspect it an then loot the chest in the room it unlocks.  Now turn your attention to the keystone in the wall.  Put the
key in and go through the door.  You enter a large room with training equipment.  The door to your left is chained shut,
so instead proceed through the open door infront of you.  Check out the rooms left to night picking up coins and relics.
 Be sure to inspect both floor holes.  After inspecting the hole to the far right a door opens out of the far left wall.
 Go through and grab two piles of the ancient coins and loot the treasure chest.  Now travel back to the room with
training dummies and board breaker blocks.  Move the pushable statue closest to the locked door.  Notice the wall hole
behind the newly moved statue.  Place your hand in to activate two floor switches.  Pull or push the two statues so that
they lie over the floor stones.  This unlocks the door and you can now go through.  The new room reveals a staircase, so
go down it.  This brings you to a long hallway with a door at the end of it, go through the door.  Inside the room is
three doors, one to your right, infront of you, and to your left.  There is also a dive well.  Start by exploring the
dive well.  This should result in some bonuses for improving speed during various adventure tasks.  The room in the
middle will lead you to the treasure you seek, but if you wish to explore further go to the door on your left.  Note the
sign to the left of it which reads "timing is everything"- this should give you a clue as to how to navigate the next
area.  Go through the door and you are in a hallway with three alternating fire traps.  Using the advice gained from the
sign click on the first trap and when the fire stops choose the 'attempt to cross' option.  Repeat for the remaining two
traps.  At the end of the hallways you are rewarded with a treasure chest.  Ransack the chest then go through the opened
doorway.  Explore the dive well and you are back where you started.  This time go to the right door and read the sign
before entering.  This one tells you that there is nothing logic cannot overcome.  Go through the door and you are in a
double hallways with many fire traps.  Inspect the left wall hole.  This changes the fire ot the right hallway.  Travel
safely through the hall and inspect the wall hole at the end.  This changes the fire flow towards the end of the right
halway.  Travel back down the hall and trigger the wall hole you first triggered.  This puts the fire back in the left
hall.  One more fire trap move and you can saefely traverse the right hall.  Now it is time to inspect the wall hole on
the right.  This causes the last fire trap to move to the left side giving you free reign to travel to the end of the
right hallways.  Inspect both holes in the wall to remove the fire from the short halway to remove the fire from the
short hallways around the corner.  Once the fire is gone.  You can now travel to the end and trigger yet another wall
hole.  This extinguishes the fire closest to the door you have not gone through.  Return to the side by side wall holes
and pick the right hole (while oriented towards them) to move the last fire back.  Now you can travel safely through the
door.  Explore the treasure chest then continue through the open door and explore that dive well.  You are now back in
the room with the three doors.  It is now time to go through that middle door.  Inside you see the pushable statue
across the room.  At first when you try to go to it you get burned by a firetrap.  Do not dismay.  This time have your
character follow the lighter wood to get behind the statue.  Push the statue forward until it is over a fire trap.  This
turns them off.  Continue pushing the statue until it covers the floorstone.  This opens a room with the treasure chest
containing the writings.  Take this and other loot, then click the "deliver writings" button to go and complete the

			~Deliver Copper~

	Zhan Su asks you to collect 7 pieces of copper.  This is an easy task, simply go to map view and click on the icons. 
Once down to sim level click on the copper to collect.  Repeat until you have all coppers.  When you have all coppers
click the 'deliver copper' button.

			~Smashing Boulders~

	You are asked to help a common adventurer learn how to smash boulders.  Click 'report in' to learn more about this
task.  Once you report in you are asked to convince three locals you are worthy of learning how.  Find any three locals
(the training academy or any of the house symbols in the map are good places to find locals) and form a good
relationship (just short of friend) and choose the 'convince sim' socialization option.  After you have convinced three
sims press the 'report in' button.

			~Answer Questions (after smashing boulders)~

	Next you are told that you must go answer Wu Xio's questions.  Once again a good relationship is important for the
'answer questions' interaction to work.  If you went to the training academy and befriended her earlier this is a simple
task.  Next she sends you on another mission.

			~Find Lapis Lazuli Gems (after answer questions)~

	The third part of this mission will *hopefully* give you the knowledge, but first you must find three valuable Lapis
Lazuli gems and deliver them.  This is a simple task, go to the map view and the 3 locations of the gems are marked on
your map.  Simply go to these and click 'collect'.  After you have all three click on the 'deliver gems' button to bring
them to Wu Xio.  

			~Pangu's Axe (after delivering gems)~

	After delivering the gems you are told about the ancient tool to crush boulders- Pangu's Axe.  You must now travel to
the Temple of Heaven to locate the axe.  Go to map view and it is the large pagoda shaped building.  The entrance to the
temple is tricky to find, but it is located at the right corner against the hill.  It is a staircase inside a building
that does not let you view the inside.  When you go down the stairs there is a long hall of chinese artifacts.  Directly
to your left is a pil of rubble- clear it.  This clears a door, but before you go through check the wall on the left in
the middle section.  This reveals a hidden door- go through it.  Take items from both treasure chests then turn your
attention to the roomms on either side are pretty but have no treasure or purpose.  So return to the door you found
under the rubble and go through it.  There is a staircase infront of you, go down it.  Insert your key in the keystone
at the bottom of the stairs.  In this room there is a staircase, go down it.  You are now in a large room with a
carpeted walkway.  Follow the path (note there is no hidden doors) until you find the semi hidden chest in an alcove. 
Loot the chest.  Continue down the carpeted path until it dead ends.  There are multiple doors infront of you, but first
check the chest on your right.  Now head through the archways and follow the carpet stopping at the second alcove to
loot the chest.  Follow the carpet and go down the staircase it leads you to.  Jump in that dive well and explore it-
chosing to go through the tunnel.  This brings you to a room with lots of things to collect, 2 other dive wells and a
staircase.  Collect the jems and disarm the fire traps that appear.  Explore the other two dive wells if you wish, then
head up the stairs.  Head down the new staircase.  Pull the lever on your right (the non-flaming torch).  This disarms
the fire traps.  Go up the first staircase if you want, but it is impassable without the axe.  Instead snake around the
path and go up the next staircase.  Then head down the staircase infront of you.  Go to the room with the hole in the
wall.  Disarm the trap infront of it, then inspect the hole.  This opens a hidden door.  Loot the chest and go up the
stairs.  This is what you have been waiting for- the big axe is on the wall next to the carpet with candles.  Trace your
way back through to the staircase that lead to the boulders disarming any traps as you go if you wish.  Destroy the
boulder directly infront of you and collect the coins off the pedestal.  Now go down the narrow path way and explore the
wall on your left to find a hidden door.  Go through and collect the relic off the alter.  Then follow the path to find
yet another secret door on the right wall.  Inside is a relic worth a Lot of Money.  Exit the hidden areas.  Now collect
the stores to the right walkway from the chest.  Then checkout the chest and back all the way out and get the chest past
the stairway you came up.  Back track to the room with the three dive wells.  Exit through the dive well with the tunnel
and back out the staircases to the room with the carpeted walkway.  Follow the carpet up a couple of flights of stairs
until you reach the room with the locked doorway and the staircase up.  Now leave and deliver the axe.  You are told you
can keep the axe, Yay!

			~Find Relic (after returning the axe)~

	After returning the axe you are asked to smash a boulder in the hotsprings to obtain a relic.  Go to map view and click
on the hotsprings.  There is a boulder in front of a doorway to a dive well, use the axe and smash it (click on the
boulder and select smash).  Once the boulder is gone explore the dive well.  It gives you the chance to go through the
tunnel, click yes.  Once through the tunnel you are in an underground area.  There is a footstone in the adjoining room.
 Stand on it, activating water traps which extinguishes the fire traps allowing you to cross safely.  In the next room
there are ancient coins and a treasure chest.  After gathering the treasure explore the dive well.  Choose to swim
through the tunnel and this brings you to yet another room.  Head to the left room, gather coins and open the treasure
chest.  Then move the pushable statue over the floor stone.  This causes a floor hole to open in the right room.  Go
there now and inspect it.  This opens a secret door, go inside gather the coins and loot the treasure chest.  Return to
the previous room and move the pushable statue over the floor storm.  This opens a footstone by the dive well.  Walk
over and stand on it.  This activates water jets that put out the fire traps, you can now cross to yet another dive well
that you need to explore.  Swim through the tunnel and read the plaque on the wall if you wish.  The plaque is not very
helpful, so continue into the next room.  There is a pushable statue in the middle.  Push it until it covers the second
floorstone.  This turns off the fire on the left allowing you to go into the left room.  Travel there now and step on
the footstone.  This activates a water jet over the fire trap on the right.  Return to the pushable statue and push it
onto the last floor stone.  Now move to the right side and stand on the footstone.  This activates the steam to disarm
the left firetrap on the left side.  Head to the newly reachable foar left room and gather the coins & loot the treasure
chest.  With that done it is now time to explore yet another dive well.  This brings you to an area loaded with
treasure.  Ransack both chests to the left (crossing the trap that appears) then clear the rubble to open up a room on
the right.  Gather the loot from the three chests (including the relic) and swim through the final dive well in front of
you to return to the surface.  You can now go and deliver the relic.

			~Jade Jems~
	Go to map view and locate and collect the three pieces of Jade, then click to deliver them.

			~The Pilgrim's Walk~

	A statue is finally done being built and you are asked to walk the statue around town to activate it.  Your first stop
is to visit the scholars garden.  Once there you have a vision and are now tasked to walk to the temple of heaven.  Go
to map view and click on the temple to go there.  Once there you have another vision telling you the last step is to
visit the dragon cave.  Go to the map and click on the dragons maw.  Once there you have a vision that gives you a chill
and you are asked to report in to Wu Xio.  She tells you that you are the sim in the prophecy and that you must find
someone to help you with getting into the dragon cave.  Return home and check the adventure board until you find the
person who knows how to let you in the cave (or run the smaller gopher missions if you like).

Sims 3: World Adventures, The (PC) - dmaathome