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Hasee Bounce NeoP Questions & Answers
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Hasee Bounce NeoP Questions & Answers

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Hasee Bounce

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How do you get over 100 points on hasee bounce?

Just get any fruit u see evan de yellow 1's k
Keep getting doughnut fruits and make sure you don't miss the silver, blue, sponge, flaming, checkered, icy etc ones as they're bonuses. also if you get more than one fruit at a time with either hasee then it'll times it by that number of fruits you caught, so say you got one fruit then you'll get 1 point but if you get 3 one after another you'll get x3 so I assume that'd be what 6, 1+2+3? yeah lol! so there you go, keep at it and you'll get it in no time
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Rating: 40%
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