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Kreludan Mining Corp. NeoP Questions & Answers
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Kreludan Mining Corp. NeoP Questions & Answers

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Kreludan Mining Corp.

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How to get in the Kreludan Mining Corp?

No idea
Apparently, there is no answer and the kreludan mining corp has been put there just to annoy us (its working)
On Kredludor the moon
OMG its found it is 96318078
OMG the person who said the code is wrong! opps sorry. if it worked something is seriously wrong with HIS/HER computer! there is only 1 code and that isn't it!
Just keep annoying the guy with wrong codes it worked for meh! ^_^ -Answer by:FredCullen
There must be a specific answer for each account. That code didn't work for me either.
It didn't work for me.
Lier! That's not the code!
How did you get that code
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How do you get into the kreudlor mining corp. what is the cheat?

Yea, idk eaither.
There is no cheat the neopets team decided to abandon the dr. sloth plot and decided to do the lost desert plot instead so there is no way to get in even in other people gave you a code it wouldn't work. No one can get in so sorry!
If you ever get it right it takes you 2
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What is the AUTHORISATION Code?

Question from: banker88(20)
5 Answers +
I heard that it was part of a plot and thet a lottery ticket or some ticket
had 8 numbers and said kruledan on instead of 6 numbers
Well I heard that there is a special stamp, rarer than a paint brush that has the code on!
I heard it was just for decoration.
Well maybe that strange neocola machine on kreloudor will despense the answer I never got a chance to try it so my opinion may be wrong
I know it's not the cola machine :D
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