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Turmac Roll NeoP Questions & Answers
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Turmac Roll NeoP Questions & Answers

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How do I get an aquaberry on turmac roll?

On the sixth berry if you don't get that pink fruit then start the game over and get to MEDIUM mode then if you get the pink fruit then start over, and go on Hard mode, you'll then get the aqua fruit and get lots of points, if this does not work I AM SO SORRY!
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How do I get alot of aqua berrys?

Yea I want to know that too when ever I get them they are in really hard to get places.
Omg I am so frigging annoyed I gotit twice (not in the same game) but neopets always diconnects it and you have to restart IT IS SO ANNOYING!
I got a aqua berry once right at the beginning of the game on the first hill and I got 600 poits. my user name is courtniki17, i've been wondering the same thing for a while but I don't think there is an answer to that question. I once got three aqua berries in a row and what I did,(this may be the answer to your question) was slow down almost to a stand still by pressing the bach arrow key and then speeding up by pressing the forward arrow and got 3,000 ponts and three aqua berries!
You can't and do not listen to the answer about stopping and starting it DOESN"T WORK!

I still wanna know how you can get a aqua berry
Ive seen the aqua berry in a game 3 times but I only got it 2 out of 3
Wat r you talking about the stopping and going does work
Hey I heard that at the menu where you choose the level, if you type in aquaberry there, and then choose a level, it gives you more chances to get an aquaberry. It worked for me!
If you type in aquaberry at the menu it just increases your chance of getting good berries not getting aquaberries, and thestop and start thing does work but only gets you good berries and works only once a day
Well I don't know if this was just a weird thing but I played the game 35 times over and over again. Then on the 36th time there were like 8 auqua berrys and those orange ones I forget what they're called anyway but non of them counted as points and when the game ended I was pissed because it didnt work but then I played it again (37th time) and the same thing happend but all of the berries were double their regular score. I tried to do it again but my scores were really sucky no matter how many times I did it after that. I havent ever done that again though because im afraid management will like freeze me or something
Stopping and going does work... but it gets you a juicy berry!....... First you stop and go but you have to be on hard mode, then when you lose, you go back to hard and keep playing, in that game you should get the juicy berry!
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