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Final Fantasy 12 PS2 Questions & Answers

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Can someone pleas tell me how to take REFLECT MAGIC off my character please? I've leveled up from 49-53 and my character's reflect still shown. I can't use any curaga magic to cure him because he was reflected. How or what to use to take that off? Please help me!

Question from: yeah(7)
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I am playing it right now my characters have reflect on them too
Check Your Armor effects for example
Mirror Mail = when equipped gives character auto reflect
just take off the armor and there you go!
If that doesn't fix it Icant help you
Try using dispel on your character.(but this will take other magic off as well) hope you've found this useful
Dispel will remove reflect off your character unless you have a reflect accesory on then it will stay.
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Is there any cheat code by using the joystic?

None. if you download or buy the cd called gameshark/ action replay.......... now I use cd action replay -Answer by:khalid091
You must be new to PS2 otherwise you would have found out that you can only use the PS2 controlers and PS2 compatable keyboard unless the keyboard function is on the X-Box too. -Answer by:naphenro
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Pls help!i follow de intruction to find de secret bakamy merchant...but all he sell is ether!i was told he will sell powerful magicks like scathe and sort of other there any prob?tat i must proceed futher in de game of requirred higher lvl?

I think you need to meet certain requirments before more stuff is accessable. Like for the Genji Armor, defeat Gilgamesh twice (make sure to steal every 20% percent of health that gilgamesh loses.) I'm not sure about that though. I'm also not sure about this but to get the zodiac spear if you missed your easier chance to get it, defeat the Esper Zodiark. I think stuff like that needs to be met before anything is accessable.
The powerful items that you are referring to only appear once you have received the treaty blade after you kill shemhazai in the great crystal and once the sky fortress bahamut option appears
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How do I use an item cuz I keep trying to use an item, like a potion, and all it say on inventory is arrange and I keep dying because I cant use the potion!?!?!?!

You need to enter your items list through the battle menu which you get when you press X button on your controller, not the triangle.
Its a fault in the game sorry
Press x then go to items
Open up the battle menu (press x) then go to items and then you can use a potion
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How do i to open gate gigas?

Summon belias and have that character open the gate.
Use your first esper you got.
Just summon the esper belias.. and thats it
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Can you get all 13 the espers?

Yes I have 12 of them and I can get the one I need easily if I get all of the broken fragment pieces. Trust me, its possible! Zodiark is tough though.
Yes, you can. I already have all 13 and you get belias in your sky pirate den for obtaining all 13.
Ya think of couse you can lol by (jb)
Of course!i have 10 espers!i need chaos,ultima, and zodiark
Yes! 5 are from doin the storyline and the other 8 are from the side missions. but to get zodiark ya need 10 others, all jahara hunts done, and ya gotta be a lv 65-70 if you r good enough -Answer by:BlueRose
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When u enter into the place where u get the sword of kings what do u do in there to get it rigth when u enter?

You must move princess ashe into your fighting party and equip her with the dawn shard as her accessory
Equipt the charecter you [playing with a dawn shard touch the swich in the middle of this place naw the west door is open
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