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Nemesis Of The Roman Empire PC Questions & Answers
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Nemesis Of The Roman Empire PC Questions & Answers

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Nemesis Of The Roman Empire

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How to make my roman troops strongera nd get more food and gold?

You would like to know how to make your men stronger and how to get more food and gold? Well this is a fairly simple process. To get your men stronger you need to train them. You can do this by clicking on the town hall and clicking "Automatically train units." but before you do this, you should click in the gladiator arena and click on gladiator shows . After it loads. click on training until lvl 4. now you can train your men. as they train they raise in levels, which will toughen em up. To get food, you need alot of gold. you can get food either by village supplies or by buying it from the market. it is 500 food for 500 gold. Gold, the only way to do this is through the natural gold production.
You can get more gold by doing an investment if you are playing as Rome. On the tavern click investment and it takes awhile but you get 2000 gold profit.
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