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Tork: Prehistoric Punk Xbox Questions & Answers
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Tork: Prehistoric Punk Xbox Questions & Answers

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Tork: Prehistoric Punk

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How to kill orgus?

Was looking myself for an answer to this question. I was stuck on him for a long time, and finally figured it out. Once Tork has transformed into one of the creatures, and you have collected enough crystals (50), if you press the L +R trigger buttons simultaneously you can do a special attack. When you are fighting Orgus, you'll notice his force field changes color. In order to damage him you have to use the animal form and its special attack corresponding to the colour of his force field. Blue=gorilla type thing, green=armadillo, red/yellow= flying squirrel. You go as close as possible to the force field and do the special attack. You have to do this aprox four times, changing animal forms depending on the force field colour. You become the appropriate animal form by absorbing the right colour spirit either shot by Orgus, or by killing the appropriate rock type creature. Notice that rock creatures are different colours in their middle (purple=crystals), and they can also change colours, so you have to get to them quickly. Hopefully that made sense!
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