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Great Escape, The PS2 Questions & Answers
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Great Escape, The PS2 Questions & Answers

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Great Escape, The

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How to abbanden aircraft?

Airfield Escape



1. Enter the air field
2. Locate a plane
3. Find a uniform
4. Get a starter crank
5. Get a valve handle
6. Get a key
7. Refuel the plane
8. Fly away

Hendley and Blythe start in a small field opposite the fence that blocks
access to the airfield. A lone German guard is pacing along the fence line.

Order Blythe to follow, then go prone and crawl up to the open area next to
the fence. The guard should be well past by the time you get to the fence.

Select the wire cutters and cut a hole through the fence. Then crawl
through and walk (so you don't lose Blythe) diagonally to the right. There
should be an old beat up shack in front of you. (Obj 1)

Go into the shack and wait for Blythe. Once Blythe enters, make sure that
he is in the corner furthest away from the window. When he is at that spot,
order him to stay.

Head out of the shack and make a right. Then make another right. The hole
in the fence should be to your left. Now head toward the fence in front of

When you get to the fence, turn right and run until a hanger comes into view
on the right side. When that hanger comes into view, head over toward it.
This long way around helps you avoid the German guard.

When you get to backside of that hanger, run past it and go to the first
door, on your right, of the second hanger.

Look through the keyhole of that door. You will see a German technician
guarding the area. As soon as he is moving to the left and right when he
disappears from view. Enter this short hallway. Sneak over to the table on
the right to get the technician's uniform. (Obj 3)

Quickly change into the technician's garb. By this time, the other
technician will be coming back around again. Of course, all you are is just
another plane mechanic. For good measure, take care of this witness.

Exit the hanger through the small opening in the barbed wire at the front of
the hanger. Look left and there is a staff car for the taking.

Hop into the staff car and drive over to hanger three. There is a plane
parked out in front. When you exit the vehicle and approach the plane, a
caption will appear stating that this plane looks good enough to fly out.
(Obj 2)

There is another German guard busy pacing around this hanger. Again,
eliminate him as a witness.

Now, jump into your staff car and head back over to where you have Blythe
stashed. The guard you originally saw when you approached the airfield
should be in the vicinity. Before you get Blythe, end this guards career.

Go back to the shack and order Blythe to follow you. He will get into the
staff car with you. Turn around and follow the fence line around to the
third hanger. Park next to the plane and head for the door at the front of
the hanger.

Have him follow you into this hanger. When you reach the middle, order him
to stay. Go to the table located at the left side of the hanger. Here, you
will find the starter crank. (Obj 4)

Exit the hanger and jump into your staff car. Go on the brown, dirt road
until you see the control tower to your right. Head off into the grass
toward the control tower. You will see a German guard pacing the outside
area between the control tower and a low building connected to it.

Get out of your car and give that guard a big hug. Then head toward the
fence. Make a right and head toward the door on the low building.

Enter through the door and you will see another guard. Again, take care of
the problem.

Exit through the doorway and head up the stairs. At the top of the stairs,
make a left into the room and go over to the desk. Then go back to the
doorway again. You will see another guard heading toward you.

When the guard turns around to go back up the hallway, take care of him and
drag him into that office. Now head down the hallway to the open doorway on
the left.

Peek around the corner and you will see a pilot in front of a bookcase. If
you enter, he will chew you out and tell you that technicians are not
allowed in the pilot room. If he sees you again, you will be in trouble.

Wait until he heads for the bookcase on the left side. Then sneak into the
room and end his flying days. Turn to the table and grab the technician's
ID card.

Head back out and down the stairs. Make a left down that corridor and make
a right at the "T" intersection. You will encounter another guard who asks
for ID. Flash him your technician's ID card.

Go into the room on the left and you will see another technician milling
about the room. Go into the room and go toward the left corner. You will
be able to get the valve handle from the shelf. (Obj 5)

Exit this room and go right down the corridor. Keep going to the door on
the right and exit the building. Make a left and enter the control tower.

You will go up three flights of stairs before you enter the control tower.
You will notice a technician (in dark blue uniform) and an officer (in light

This next part requires a degree of timing because the truck keys are in the
officer's pocket. After you exit the stairs, go right and get next to the
technician. He will be doing some work on the control panels. The officer
will be walking around the room.

You want to keep the technician as "crowded" as possible to the panels. The
officer eventually goes to the outside deck of the control tower and
comments about how foggy it is. He then will re-enter the control tower.

The officer will then head for a console located on the opposite side of the
stairwell. When he is halfway to the console, eliminate the technician.

After you have done this, run over to where the officer is standing and take
care of him. You will then obtain the truck keys. (Obj 6)

Exit the control tower and hop into your staff car. Get back on the dirt
road and follow it up to where you see a bunch of fuel trucks parked. Exit
your car and get into the fuel truck. Drive it back over to the hanger that
the plane is at.

Drive to the left side of the plane and get out of the truck. Head toward
the middle of the plane and a set of cogs will appear. Just press action
and fuel up the plane.

After the plane is fueled up, go into the hanger and have Blythe follow you.
Go to the front of the plane and another set of cogs will appear. Press
action and a cut scene will occur showing Blythe manually cranking the plane
to life.

After that cut scene, you will see Hendley and Blythe fly off into the
sunset or sunrise.
-Answer by:leelee451
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How do you get off the train?

The mission opens with Hendley and Blythe sitting in their seat on
the train. Give Blythe the command to stay (press the SQUARE button and use
the STAY icon).

Get your second-class ticket ready. When the porter comes around, a set of
cogs will appear when he is next to Hendley. Give him your ticket.

Now give Blythe the order to follow and head toward the rear of the train.
You will pass through cars 8 and 9.

At car 10, go all the way to the end. You find a door that you cannot open
since it is locked. You will have to find the key somewhere on the train.
Turn to your right and duck into the bathroom, Blythe will follow. (Obj 1)

Once you and Blythe are in the bathroom, close the door. Then give the
order for Blythe to stay.

Look through the keyhole to the left. After a couple of minutes, a Gestapo
man and Gestapo guard will enter the car. They are checking the identity
of all the passengers.

Once they are done, they will exit the car. Once they are out of the car,
head out of the bathroom and follow them. Make sure you walk to prevent

You will travel through cars 9, 8, 7, and 6 before you reach a locked door
on car 5. Look to your left and you will see a ladder. Go up this ladder
to the top of the train.

Immediately crouch once you are on top of the train. The reason is there
are many low objects the train passes under such as tree branches, bridges,
and signal towers. If Hendley gets hit by any of these, he will be ejected
from the train.

Continue to move forward jumping across the gaps in the cars (you must stand
to make these jumps so make sure it is all clear before doing so).

When Hendley can't go forward any farther, go to the right and a ladder will
be there. Have him head down the ladder to a small platform outside the

Crouch-walk to the open baggage car. You will notice a porter going back
and forth. When the porter has his back to you, use your stealth walk and
get behind him to end his luggage handling days. Once you've done that,
turn right to toss him off the train.

You can get a couple of first-aid kits in this car. You will also notice a
weapons stash but it is locked up for the moment.

Go through the door and you will notice a passenger standing in between the
cars. Maybe he has a ticket you can borrow. Get behind him, choke him, and
take his ticket. Then head forward into the first class car.

Get out your first-class ticket and give it to the porter. Walk around the
porter and when the German guard comes in from the opposite door, duck into
one of the passenger areas (you may have to leapfrog to the passenger areas
closer to where the guard entered).

When the guard enters your area, he will take a good look at your face. He
doesn't recognize it so he will turn to leave. This is your cue. When the
hands appear, bring him in to become a permanent part of the train. Turn
left or right to drop the body since dropping it out in the passageway would
alert the porter.

Dust off your hands and head through the door the guard came through. Go
between the cars and enter the next car. You will have to navigate around a
couple of shelves.

When you get around the second set of shelves, look to your right. On the
table are the train keys and a couple of first-aid kits. Collect all this
stuff and go hide behind the stack of boxes to your left. (Obj 3)

After a few seconds, another porter enters the car with you. When he has
his back turned, get behind him and apply that pressure you know so well.
Head out of this car back to the car with the weapons cache.

Once you reach the weapons cache car, open the locker and collect the MP-40,
Luger, and all the ammunition. From this point on, it will be a firefight
to get back to Blythe. Equip your MP-40 and go back to the ladder.

Go back on top of the train and a reception committee is waiting for you.
You have to hazards to deal with. Troops firing at you from the front plus
you are now facing the opposite direction the train is going. This means
use your R2 button to look behind you to make sure there are no approaching

First, go into first person view and pick off the guard that is mostly
obscured on the left side. You need to work quickly since soon there will
be guards behind you.

Fortunately, a lot of the guards stand up to take shots at you. This
basically means a lot of them get knocked off the train by the low
obstacles. Continue to move quickly forward. You may have to get up close
and personal with some of the guards by delivering a rifle butt to them.

When you make it to car 6, you will need to go down the ladder. Un-
fortunately, there are two guards waiting for you. Best thing is to stand
up and go down the ladder. Once you are at the bottom, pivot right quickly
to smack that guard with your MP-40. Turn quickly left and finish off that
guard. Turn right again and finish off that guard.

Head into car 6 and through it. If you took damage, now is the time for
first-aid. After healing yourself, exit car 6 and enter car 7.

There is a guard standing up and one behind the seat. Go to first person
and plant the guard standing. Then turn quickly and take out the guard
behind the seat. Get out of first person and prepare for a third guard to
come barging in the opposite door. Eliminate him.

Leave car 7 and head into car 8. When you are half-way through, two guards
will come through the door you had already entered. Turn around and mow
them down. Quickly exit. Heal if necessary.

Car 9 is free of guards so make sure your weapons are all loaded and you are
fully healed, then go into car 10.

When you get to the bathroom that you stashed Blythe in, turn around because
you will be rushed by four Gestapo agents and Gestapo guards. Use extreme
prejudice and mow them down. Open the bathroom door and order Blythe to

Go through the now unlocked back door of the train and a cut scene will show
Hendley and Blythe jumping off the train.
-Answer by:leelee451
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How do you distract the guard in the castle to get the hook?

This mission requires you to practice a high degree of stealth to successfully

As you are facing your cell door, turn left and talk to the prisoner in
there. He will hand you a hacksaw blade.

Turn around and crouch near the bars on that door. A set of cogs will
appear. Select the hacksaw blade and press X to saw through the bars,
thereby creating an opening.

Go back and talk to Gerry. He will start a diversion so that you can escape
from your cell. Once he starts the diversion, you only have a limited
amount of time to crawl through the hole and escape through the door in the
next cell over. Once you have exited the door, it's time to put your guard
to sleep.

Move in stealth mode behind the guard and apply a choke hold to him.
Once done, this will stop the timer.

Go to the door at the end of the hall and peek through the keyhole. You
will see a searchlight moving back and forth very close to where you will
leave the cell block.

Open the door, go through it, and close it again. You will also note that
a German guard is busy wandering a circuit behind the truck and up to the
building where the left hand searchlight is.

When the guard turns and moves away and the searchlight moves away from the
area you are at, run to the front of the truck and crouch. If done right,
nobody will have seen your little sprint.

When the right hand spotlight passes over you, make a run straight toward
that tower and get behind it. There will be crates stacked at varying
heights. You need to climb up these crates so you can walk along the outer
perimeter of the wall.

Watch the spotlight from that right hand guard tower. You will notice it
illuminates a part of the wall, passes across a roof, and then dips down
again into the courtyard. When the spotlight is starting into the court-
yard, run along the perimeter. You will pass the roof and go across a
narrow stone ledge. Open the first door on your left and quickly enter and
shut the door.

Now, go to the door across the room and look through the keyhole. Wait
until you see a German guard walking the hallway. When he turns his back,
quickly go through the door and use stealth mode. When he turns into the
next doorway, run to the next door on the right, this is the laundry room.

In the laundry room, make a right through the next doorway and the uniform
is sitting on top of a bench. Get it and put it on.

After you put on the uniform, a German soldier will be in the next room.
Just go behind him to end his laundry folding days.

Re-enter the hallway and search for the first German guard you had seen.
Get behind him and caress his neck with a forearm. Go down the stairs and
do the same to the guard standing at the door.

Go back upstairs and make a left down that corridor. Go all the way down to
the last door on the right. Enter the room and head toward the hallway on
your left. Right before you enter the hallway, you will see a key rack.
Collect the key and exit the room.

Go back downstairs and exit the door the guard was at Go across the courtyard
and head toward the right. You will see a stone entrance into this part.

Go through the entrance and head to the left. You will continue to make
left turns until you are in a small radio room. Activate the radio and make
an announcement to the castle that all is basically well.

Head back out toward the stone entrance. Instead of exiting, continue for-
ward and follow the hall around. You will end up in a room and on the table
is one fine looking hook.

Now, head out of here and go across the courtyard. Depending on how much
time you have taken, they may be onto you. A message will be displayed
stating that the uniform is no good anymore. If that's the case, you will
have to stealthily go across the courtyard. In either event, you will end
up on the other side with three doors in front of you. Take the leftmost
door and go in.

You will enter a red illuminated hallway. Follow it around to the first
doorway on your left. Use the key and open the cage to the generators. Go
up to the switch and turn it off. This will kill all the searchlights and

Now, run back across the courtyard and go the same way as if you were
entering the building to the right for the first time. Instead of going
left through the doorway, continue straight. You will go up three flights
of stairs. At the top, head right to the wire. A set of cogs will appear.
Equip the hook and watch the cut scene as MacDonald slides down out of the
castle with the German guards nipping at his heels.
-Answer by:leelee451
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