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Spider-Man: Friend or Foe WII Questions & Answers
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Spider-Man: Friend or Foe WII Questions & Answers

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Spider-Man: Friend or Foe

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Help. i am not a game player but i have a little boy who cannot get past doc oct in tokyo level 2 despite trying many times. can any one help me please?

Question from: toonman(1)
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It is easy just pick up stuff and throw it at the generators the when the shield is down attack him
Wrong 1 you jump and (press the b buttun)
Dodge the blasts from the genarators then if you see a brick or box throw it at the genarators they will go black then white do this a few times the genarator will break down then ock goes to repair it(the genarator that the blasts come from) I like to use the ground pound to hurt him repeat this till he says somting my precious machine! for example then do it till the second time then the third he will stop and the eye thing will come off his chest then you can play as him or he can be your sidekick! I hope this helps...
Use spider man. the ground that your on: it moves so if you just stay where you are, you will go next to the (2) power generators. so just keep jumping back. you might want to stop jumping because you have to pick up items from the ground but do it quick! those generators shoot beams at you! then once you grabed an item, jump away from the generators as far as you can, then throw your item at the generators. do these steps over and over again. when you throw it enough times, it will explode. then DOC OCT will come to fix it. this does not really matter but when he jumps to the ground, lets out some kind of force that pushes you away from him. this does not do any thing. then, while he is fixing the genorators, go over to him quick and use any attack you want that will do decent damage. then a few time you break his generators, he will get mad and his genorators will power up! be careful! when they power up, both generators can shoot at the same time! just do these steps again and again until the mind control device will come off of his chest (when all his health is gone). and there you have it! you beat DOC OCT! hope this helped! -Answer by:xmen
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