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Mount&Blade PC Questions & Answers
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Mount&Blade PC Questions & Answers

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Mount&Blade Questions & Answers

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Were the rgl_config.txt in mount and blade folder ? I cant find it plz help !

I can't find it too!
I cant find it either!
Where you enter in the meniu enter in config then enable cheat
Basicly guys there isn't one I look every where in the mount & blade folder and cannot find it my self sorry if you or aney one elts finds a solution just sument a comment and I will check it out.
thanks, On Hands Solutions
Frist of all did you buy the game from the store or did you buy from a online site. I got it on steam and it would not let me get because steam owns the files. When you buy it from the store you have the right to save the files and look at them and change them. Maby some one posted that as a fake altirnetaive way to atviate cheats. pertty much you have to use the only way to use cheats. this is how you activate cheats when you game goes into the step mode where You hit play but dont. First go to configure and keep looking for game opions and hit ativate cheats and and now hit play game and use cheats to do what ever you want to do. here is a cheat for 1000 delires go to invetory and hit crtl-x mupily times to get the money you need.
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