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PixelJunk Monsters Encore PS3 Questions & Answers
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PixelJunk Monsters Encore PS3 Questions & Answers

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PixelJunk Monsters Encore Questions & Answers

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How do I beat the medium level w/ four trees? what weapons should I use? please help. I am stuck!

First you should build 2 canons in the middle with an arrow at either end. this will kill the first 4 rounds of monsters, until you get to the 1st round of flying ones. try to upgrade your canons, don't worry about the arrows, as you will be taking them down to put up air canons when the flying things come in. DO NOT USE ANY GEMS to upgrade towers until the very end. You will have to flip-flop between the arrow/cannon set up for ground/air monsters. Keep your canons in the middle as long as you can and level them up as high as you can without using gems. Once you have 13 gems, purchase the fire tower. this will help you with the 3 rounds (fluff-ball/spider/fluffball) of sheilded attacks. You are going to need to set up 4 fire towers once you can, and drop them all for 4 air canons once the bats come in. After the bats, put your fire towers back up, upgrading the middle ones again. Save your gems until you have 11 for the Laser towers. Without these you will never defeat those big flying striped balloon looking guys. Dont worry, there is only one wave, so again, 2 laser towers on either end of the map should be enough. Now you should be around the 14th or 15th wave, and have 15 gems. You will need to purchase the mortars next. Once you have them, put up 4 mortars and black-flag them out. You can use gems for this because there are no more flying monsters. If you have 4 black mortars when the boss comes in, you will win, no problem. Don't panic, it looks like the boss might survive, but he wont. I beat it this morning so its still fresh in my mind. good luck!
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