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Wacky World Of Sports WII Questions & Answers
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Wacky World Of Sports WII Questions & Answers

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Wacky World Of Sports Questions & Answers

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Cant seem to get the distance on Tuna Tossing, anyone got any hints?

Try spinning it really fast
Nobody can
I'm frustrated and having the same problem. Unable to unlock mudsliding because of not beating this challenge. Help!
I'm right there with you all cant seem to get any distance what so ever tried every tuna also..... Some one please help....
Shake the wii remote a little when the arrow turning around points to the red part of the semi-circle. then press the b button when the presenter guy says go. Then when your tuna is in the air shake it as much as you can.
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How can I beat TuaTua in the tournament.
sent by Kevin Jackson.?

All you have to do is swing the wii remote when the arrow enters the orange area. keep swinging until the last second then release. if you swing correctly inside the orange area you will get much greater distance than tuatua. I got it to go 234 meters last time
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