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Hero of Sparta PSP Questions & Answers
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Hero of Sparta PSP Questions & Answers

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Hero of Sparta Questions & Answers

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Where are the energy crystals in descent?

I am looking for the last one too... I saw the image below a bridge... but I dont know how to get it....
There is a blue crystal right when you start the level just walk down(not sideways downwards)the other crystals are throughout the level and easily found,then there is the green crystal under the bridge,Ive been trying to get to it for 3 days now and no luck,im starting to think you can only get it in the hardest mode.
It doesn't make sense to make a single crystal only accessible in hard mode. I think there are 2 possibilities...
1) bug - if the position of the crystal would be a few meters up it would just be just lying on the bridge (in front of the switch)
2) if you pass the bridge and go down, there is a health box in a corner where you can see a turtle behin glass (there is a short video interruption where it says "lets hope the glass doesn't break" or so), maybe there is a way to destroy it so the water will all come down as well as the crystal...
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How do I beat this giant 3-headed pit-bull and with what?

Use the Axe.. When the head is down just hack furiously at the head..
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