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Dragon Quest VI: Realms of Revelation NDS Questions & Answers
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Dragon Quest VI: Realms of Revelation
NDS Questions & Answers

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Dragon Quest VI: Realms of Revelation Questions & Answers

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Dragon Quest VI: Realms of Revelation

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Where in Haggleton (At the beginning if the game) do I put/sell the Town Goods item? I Gave them to the "Buck" Character, and the mayor of either town doesn't really notice. What do I do?



TASK : Sell the Village Goods for the best price.
Obtain Thief's Key and Big Book of Beasts.
Services : Church, Item Shop, Weapon Shop, Inn (6 Gold pp), Bazaar,
Rainbow's End Gold Bank
Items : Medicinal Herb, 5 Gold Coins, Seed of Agility, Chimaera Wing,
250 Gold Coins,
Key Items : Thief's Key (buy it), Big Book of Beasts
Mini Medals : None
Area Enemies: 001: Mottle Slime, 006: Lips, 007: Ornery Onion, 008: Slugger,
010: Leery Lout, 011: Haardvark

WEAPON SHOP | Cost | Effect | Style | Notes
Bamboo Spear | 50 | +5 ATK | +1 |
Oaken Club | 110 | +9 ATK | +5 |
Copper Sword | 270 | +13 ATK | +9 |
ARMOUR SHOP (Bazaar) | Cost | Effect | Style | Notes
Wayfarer's Clothes | 70 | +7 DEF | +6 |
Leather Armour | 180 | +11 DEF | +15 |
Scale Armour | 350 | +15 DEF | +9 |
Leather Shield | 79 | +4 DEF | +2 |
Scale Shield | 180 | +7 DEF | +4 |
Leather Hat | 65 | +2 DEF | +2 |
ITEM SHOP | Cost | Effect
Medicinal Herb | 8 | Restores 30-40 HP. Use at any time.
Antidotal Herb | 10 | Cures poison
Chimaera Wing | 25 | Use to return to previously-visited location.
ITEM SHOP (East) | Cost | Effect | Style | Notes
Antidotal Herb | 10 | Cures poison
Moonwort Bulb | 30 | Cures paralysis
Holy Water | 20 | Wards off weaker enemies for a wee while
Scale Shield | 180 | +7 DEF | +4 |

Stock up on some herbs and a Chimaera Wing or two but you don't need much else.
If you're keen to get on with your task then enter the small house to the right
of the two shops and talk to the girl. She tells you that her father, who is
making the Spirit Crown for the Mayor, has gone out to the forest to the west
of the town and hasn't returned. In good ole' RPG style we know what's coming

But first of all let's loot the town, ahem, I mean, check out the bazaar! Break
the barrels at the right of the entrance to town (starting from the top) and
you'll get a [MEDICINAL HERB] in the third one and [5 GOLD COINS] in the second
one starting at the bottom.

Enter the open doorway to the building behind the church and break the second
pot you see to get a [SEED OF AGILITY]. If you talk to the people at the stalls
they will offer to buy your Village Goods or sell you stuff. The man where you
enter is called Buck and he offers 300 Gold Coins. Say no. The next stallholder
tries to sell you a Leather Shield for an inflated price of 115 Gold. Say no!
Next is someone selling a Thief's Key... now that's something we could use, but
she's asking 2000 Gold for it and there's no way you're going to have that kind
of money now. Say no and you're offered it for 1000 which isn't bad...but keep
saying no and it's reduced to 500! Sounds tempting? but still say no and it's
reduced even more to 300 Say no for the last time and she'll offer the key for
200 Gold Coins, which is probably about the amount you have by now. Snap up
this bargain! (No worries if you refuse this as you can start the whole
bargaining process again, and don't worry about spending all your money as
you'll soon recoup the cost.) Yay! One [THIEF'S KEY] obtained! You're also told
that there's a locked door at the Inn you might want to try with the key.

The next stall-holder, a man in green, offers to sell 6 Medicinal herbs and 1
Holy Water for 50 Gold Coins, which is a good deal as that would usually cost
you 68 Gold Coins. Outside again, the girl at the table close to the proper
shops offers 350 for the Village Goods. I think we can do better than that.

Enter the tents at the right of the village and talk to the arms seller who
offers Leather Armour for 200 Gold, no thanks! The seller in the right corner
offers something un-named for 100 Gold and it's a Pot Lid shield. Not worth the
money so refuse this dubious bargain! Chat with the chap wearing the horned
helmet and you'll discover that he's called Bill and is the brother of the
older Buck you talked to in the left tent. He offers 330 Gold for the Village
Goods. Say no and head back to the left tent and talk to Buck again. When he
hears that Bill offered you 330 he'll raise his offer to 360. Say no, and
return to Bill. His next offer is 390, but that's not high enough so return to
Buck for his offer of 420. Back again to Bill and he goes up to 450. Say no
once more and head back to Buck. He gives you the final offer of 480 Gold and
this time you should say yes. (Even if you talk to Bill again he won't go
higher than his last offer, but you can do that and still accept the offer from
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