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Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance 3DS Questions & Answers
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Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance
3DS Questions & Answers

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Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance Questions & Answers

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How do you beat the two final bosses. help pleas?

| BOSS: Armored Ventus Nightmare |
| Location: ? (Riku) |
| HP: | STR: | MAG: | DEF: | Effective Statuses: | Fire Res.: |
| 208.4 | 12.5 | 12.5 | 6 | None | 0% |
| Blizzard Res.: | Thunder Res.: | Water Res.: | Dark Res.: | Light Res.: |
| 0% | 0% | 0% | 0% | 0% |

This boss isn't exceptionally hard, though it is hard to deny that, if Enix
had bumped up its offensive stats, we'd be in trouble. It has a wide array of
physical attacks, most of which should be blockable. It also has this attack
where it turns the area white, and then attacks you with goo.

I pretty much just kept up an all-out offensive and did pretty well, only
using one Hi-Potion. When the thing got down to a little less than one bar of
HP, something odd happened, like a special link or something. I dunno WHAT it
was, but I kept mashing the A Button ("Nightmare Clash") and won by a landslide
(assuming there are landslides here).

| BOSS: Julius |
| Location: Traverse Town |
| HP: | STR: | MAG: | DEF: | Effective Statuses: | Fire Res.: |
| 433.5 | 14.5 | 12 | 6.4 | None | 40% |
| Blizzard Res.: | Thunder Res.: | Water Res.: | Dark Res.: | Light Res.: |
| 40% | 70% | 40% | 40% | 40% |

The Fight Itself:

Julius has a moderate amount of moves:

Left Punch (from Sora's/Riku's view): He'll wind up his arm before quickly
punching downward at you. The best way to dodge this is by sliding away from
him diagonally left or right (be careful NOT to accidentally enter
Flowmotion off of anything, as that'll likely get you hurt in the long run).

You CAN block this move as well and counterattack, but it's easy to be fooled
into blocking and get attacked by one of his unblockable moves.

Right Uppercut (from Sora's/Riku's view): A blockable and quick move that
knocks Sora/Riku into the air. If he hits you, he'll probably follow it up
with another one and then either his Body Slam or Left Punch. You can try to
get out it by Air Sliding away, but it is highly unlikely that you will be
able to get out of this combo once he hits you, so just try to avoid it with
the same diagonal dodge as Left Punch, or perhaps some blocking.

Body Slam (unblockable): Julius will fall to the ground, damaging you before
quickly getting back up. Generally only a close-combat move, if you stay far
enough away, he won't be able to touch you with it, so just diagonally dodge.

Elbow Drop (unblockable): Julius will flail his upper body twice before
jumping across the screen to try and elbow drop you. If you diagonally
dodge, you can use the little bit of down time to either Curaga or hit him
with far-reaching magic.

Fists of Fury: He'll smash his fists together twice before he proceeds to
alternate five punches while quickly moving across the screen towards you,
culminating in a final spinning punch. Dodging this is possible, but not the
best plan. This is your moment to counter! It is the easiest attack to
predict and time, so block when he gets close and counter immediately. If
you wait until after the first punch or two, you should avoid all damage.

Grab and Screw (unblockable): Julius sweeps near his feet to grab Sora/Riku
and pulls them to his face before laughing and spewing who knows what into
your face. The Screw portion of the attack in named because this spewage
then causes three status effects, in random order: Blindness (area of view
is reduced to a medium-sized circle in the middle of the screen that
sometimes causes you to un-lock-on), Confusion (controls are all reversed,
right goes left, left goes right, etc.), and Poison (your HP quickly
depletes for probably about 10 seconds), assuming you lack the Block
Spirit abilities.

Obviously, you want to diagonally dodge this move, but if you are caught,
dash away AS SOON AS YOU HIT THE GROUND! He's likely to Body Slam, Right
Uppercut, or Left Punch you.

Charging Bull (unblockable): Julius will run after you, and then turn around
to do it again before screeching to a halt. This attack is really easy to
dodge and should be another great opening to use that far-reaching magic,
Curaga, or even Balloonga once you are out of harm's way.

Butt Pound (unblockable): If you get too far away, get on top of a building,
or even just enter Flowmotion, Julius tends to respond by magically leaping
to the tallest building, often the southernmost ornate building, before
continuously butt-bouncing onto you. As of now, I have never been about to
fully dodge this attack while on the ground.

However, if you can get high enough using the surrounding outer buildings
with Flowmotion (and keep moving while maintaining that height!), you should
be able to dodge it. If not, a well-timed Curaga, if you have Leaf Bracer,
can avoid most of the damage as well as heal you (but be prepared for a
follow-up attack to hit you as the animation finishes).

Now that you know the moves, it's time for the strategy. All-out flailing is
useless in this fight and will get you killed very quickly. (I should know,
that's my general play style in this game, and after trying it once, I knew I
would have to change it up.)

The best way to beat this guy is to be patient. Dodge ALL of his attacks (a
diagonal dodge is best, or blocking with counterattacks where possible) until
he tries Fists of Fury. Block it and use your counterattack to do some damage
while avoiding taking any. Julius, after a certain amount of hits, will
instantly stop what he's doing (even in mid-attack) and be stunned for a second
(two counters or a counter and another command are usually enough to do the

The best way to capitalize on this is by countering Fists of Fury, then
immediately using your quick, close-combat commands (e.g. Icebreaker, Ars
Arcanum, Shadowbreaker, etc.). Normally, this will stun him long enough for you
to dodge away before he attacks again. Every now and then (I can't find an
actual pattern to it) Julius will randomly just stop and sit there, it's only
for a few seconds, but if you can capitalize on it with some magic, you can
deal some extra damage to him, or even just heal (his wide array of
close-combat attacks make getting to and hitting him close-range impractical).
If you just bide your time, be patient, and react accordingly, then you will be
able to easily get him down to half of his health.

What?! Half of his health? Why there? Easy, this first half was the easy part.
Now it gets hard. As if it wasn't hard enough.

As if Julius wasn't made to be the most annoying and probably hardest boss
battle in Kingdom Hearts history (with the definite exception of Mysterious
Figure and possible exception of Vanitas's Reminant), at half-health he seems
to get the powers of Zeus as well. After calling down a barrage of lightning
that will instantly kill you if you don't keep moving, Julius gets a power
boost and a nasty little shock added to his attacks.

His Right Uppercut and Left Punch now have lightning come off of his fists
toward you. While these are technically dodgeable, it requires precise timing
and a lot of luck. Lightning Mode Julius has one final surprise for you: he can
disable whatever command you have currently highlighted so that it take four to
five times longer to reload (effectively taking it out of play for the rest of
the fight, more than likely).

be avoided on restorative commands almost 100% of the time by opting in the
Config menu to have you skip over them in the heat of battle.

Luckily, this power-up eventually goes away, after what seems like an eternity.
The best way to deal with Lightning Mode Julius is the same way you deal with
Butt-Pounding Julius: Flowmotion high in the air and out of his reach until he
returns to normal (you should be able to tell the difference because his fists
will no longer have lightning around them). As for avoiding the lightning, the
only technique I have been able to effectively use is a Curaga with Leaf Bracer
on. Although, you will likely be hit by some of the lightning still and/or his
next attack, so be careful, and get to the buildings as quick as possible (if
he's using Fists of Fury, you can still block and counter with no damage taken,
but be careful of his other attacks!).

After he returns to normal, just wash, rinse, and repeat until he's defeated. He
will every now and then return to Lightning Mode, so be ready to outlast it at
any time after half-health. If he only has half a health bar left, it MAY be
better to try all-out attacking if he starts to go Lightning Mode (that's what
I did to finish him rather than facing that wrath again), but attack at your
own risk you don't want to get that close and lose it all!

Even with all these strategies mastered and perfected, this is still no easy
battle, so be prepared to die A LOT before winning, but the reward of the
Ultima Weapon Keyblade is well worth this frustration (although, unless you
fight him again, you probably won't really need it)!

Note, of course, that winning with Riku doesn't unlock the Ultima Weapon for
Sora, obviously, and vice versa. You have to beat 'im twice, once with each

Good luck!
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I read on a few sites that Kingdom Hearts doesn't end at III and that there will be three more entries , how much truth is there to this ? and more importantly where's the proof ?

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Was this QA for Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance :
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Where do you go to download the Nintendo 3DS Emulator without completing Surveys and Questionnaires? they all need a cell# which I don't have! and what is the password for the 3DS Emulator?, I Know that there is a 3DS Emulator because YouTube User HassanAljahary shot this game! I'll Need To Know for when the Rom to Kingdom Hearts 3D Dream Drop Distance Comes Out In English so I can decide if I Should or Shouldn't Buy it!

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Was this QA for Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance :
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How do you beat char clawbster as riku it is so annoying anyone help?

Keep hiting him until he dies it helps if you use limits
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