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X-Plane PC Questions & Answers
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X-Plane PC Questions & Answers

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X-Plane Questions & Answers

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How do you lanch the space shuttle? I looked at the manual but it only told me how to get back to earth. I released the breaks, put the throttle on full and heard no engine. it wont let me fill it with fuel. also, for helicopter drivers, quickly pull the throttle back (better on pause) at the top of your jump put the throttle on full. use your joystick or mouse to control the helicopter.please answer

The space shuttle included in x-plane does not take off itself. its meant for practicing landing space shuttles only. you can look on x-planes aircraft website and they have some space shuttles that blast off. otherwise, you just have to land it, or if you're an advanced user, put the engines in yourself using plane-maker.
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