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Marvel: War of Heroes iP Questions & Answers
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Marvel: War of Heroes iP Questions & Answers

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How do I beat Bullseye in operation #17?

I dont know. I have +7k atk (maxed) and 2 people in my party over 8k each. I think you need to use a power pack during the battle but I dont have one. I am not going to pay real money to buy one. the only place I know to get one is to beat an operation which I cant do.

i think my only hope is to find better friends with >10k atk cards.
Option 1 is to have a power pack and some high ranking team members to help.

option 2 for people like me without a power pack is to dump 2 team members. then go start looking for high ranking new team members that have room for a new friend. look for ones with a main card that looks like a SSR or higher.

you need the total of all your atk values to be over about 27,500. it varies from round to round so even with the same people it took me 3 times to get lucky enough to win.
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