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Resident evil 3 : nemesis DC Questions & Answers
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Resident evil 3 : nemesis DC Questions & Answers

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Resident evil 3 : nemesis

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How to get out at the battery room when the radar detects the misile launch, I dont know what to do. thanks.?

Final mutation :

Run towards the battery marked 1 and push it inside the hole, sometimes people
may get a bit confused here what to do, push it inside the machine like you are
pushing any stool or desk, ok when your done with the first battery a cutscene
starts in which you'll see your final enemy for the game, its NEMESIS ! but
what the hell happened to him, well I can tell you for sure that the chemicals
mutated him outta his ass.

Nemesis will start chewing on the mr X, and after a little more mutation he
will turn towards you, ok now is the tricky part, if you had the rocket launcher
with you then this would end right here for you. Quickly take out the rocket
launcher from where your standing , and shoot all 4 rounds into nemesis, if done
correctly nemesis will shreaik and then he will slowly turn back and head for
the tyrant again, if he doesnt shreak with the 4 rounds, then its time to take
out the magnum.

Run towards the second battery and push it in, now quickly to the third one and
push it in too. Now nemesis should be very close to you if it isnt already eating
the tyrant, start shooting at it with the magnum, if he gets a little close run
to the the opposite end of the room and get some space, he can mess you
up pretty bad if your too close, check your health after every hit you
take, and keep on shooting from a distance. Soon enough the nemesis will
make a loud shreak then head back to the tyrant's corpse in the corner and
start eating it.

DUring all this time the rail cannon should be charging if you placed in
all the three batteries, after a while the cannon will shoot its first
round which will clear the path to the nemesis, now head to nemesis
while its reloading again and shoot at it just for fun. When the rail
cannon is ready again it will fire, this time straight through nemesis ripping
him in half.
-Answer by:Cardinal Drathm
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