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Terms used here at Cheat Masters

Action Replay Codes
These codes are used to work with a device called "Action Replay". You plug the device into your console and the device will then send commands to do certain functions. Useful to unlock areas, change a character stats, or add items to your inventory. There is no way to use action replay codes without having the device itself.

The term cheat is pretty much summed up as anything used to change the way you play your game. Cheats can be created by the developer and put in the game intentionally or can be external devices(see Action Replay Codes) or programs(see Trainers). Cheats also can be glitches in the game that were not caught before the game release that allow to play the game not as intended. Cheats may also refer to providing locations for objects, tips or strategy, or anything to help a player with their game.

Cheat Codes
Cheat Codes use to refer just to entering in a sequence of inputs either buttons from a controller or characters from a keyboard used to change the way your games are played. Cheat Codes are created by the developer and put in the game intentionally. This idea originated from game testers to be able to easily skip levels, heal their character, gain an item, etc to affectively test the game. The term Cheat Code is now commonly used for anything to help a player with their game.

Cheat Master
The Cheat Master is the person with the most contributing points for a game. Members earn points by answering questions, submitting cheats, or any contribution really. They also get points for other visitors voting that their contribution was helpful.

Command Line Cheat
This type of cheat requires you to add a parameter to the game launch short cut. The typical method is as follows:

1. Press "Start" and find the icon (shortcut) for the game.
2. Right-click on the icon, then click on properties.
3. In the "Target" box you'll find the location of the game's executable.
(example: "C:\Game Files\Publisher\Game.exe")
4. Add the command-line cheat to the end of this line.
(example: "C:\Game Files\Publisher\Game.exe" -cheat)
5. Once you make the change, select OK to save.

*You must put the command line cheat outside of the quotations in order for it to work.

Easter Egg
These are secret "cheats" or "bonuses" that the programmers added into the game (or movie if in a DVD) for extra fun. Easter Eggs can be anything from hidden mini games, extra levels, and more. Easter Eggs can also be some kind of image, item, or text, etc. that refers to something outside the game for a joke or something for fun.

FAQ is a frequently abbreviated term for Frequently Asked Questions. A FAQ pretty much contains common questions and answers to specific topics. FAQ's can range from anything to hints, tips, cheats, and more.

Savegame File
Just like it sounds, you can download saved game files to use on your game. These saved game files allow you to play the game from the same saved game file that someone else had created. This may allow you to get access to special features, games, or more.

Strategy Guide
This is a guide written to help you through a game by giving tips and information to do so. These do not usually contain full walkthroughs.

A trainer is a program that was written to manipulate a game. These can do anything from give you special attributes to changing the game almost completely. Many trainers give you unlimited lives or god mode for example. Trainers are usually not made by the game developers. Typically trainers are a piece of software that you run while you run the game. The trainer runs in the background manipulating the game as you wish. Trainers are very sensitive to which version of the game you have and more.

These are documents that completely take you step by step through a particlular section of a game or the entire game. They will often contain secrets of the game as well.

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